Inside a new trending video, popular YouTuber Steven Jay Johnson&#8212better referred to as Boogie2988&#8212announced he and the wife, Desiree are getting divorced after seven years.

Apologizing to keep details from his fans for many days, Johnson described he Desiree arrived at the choice to split amicably after seven many years of marriage. The 2 separated for 3 days in November before choosing to make &ldquoa more permanent change.&rdquo

&ldquoThe ring is off, were Facebook official,&rdquo he place it candidly.

Within the last decade, Johnson continues to be uploading videos regularly to his Boogie2988 funnel, cultivating followers of four.3 million subscribers who’ve contributed as many as 710 million views to his funnel. He&rsquos most widely known for his gaming reviews and commentary, but also, he uploads &ldquorambling&rdquo videos by which he speaks openly about his personal existence, including his struggles with mental illness and weight problems.

Johnson has in the past been open about his marriage on his funnel, even discussing his proposal and wedding video. Consequently, fans felt committed to the connection, and also the video shot to No. 3 online&rsquos Trending list on Wednesday.

Johnson first broke this news on Twitter a week ago before explaining the problem in more detail in the video, citing their own mental health struggles and subsequent behavior like a primary element in the dissolution of the marriage. &ldquoMe and my spouse had one serious problem which was persistent through the entire marriage, which was my panic attacks, my clinically diagnosed Post traumatic stress disorder,&rdquo he stated. &ldquoBut more to the point, not only the disorder itself, however the stupid stuff that I’d say and also the stupid stuff that I’d do after i was in the center of a battle-or-flight attack.&rdquo

The YouTuber has additionally battled with &ldquomorbid weight problems&rdquo and &ldquochronic discomfort issues,&rdquo and went through gastric bypass surgery in August to jumpstart his weight-loss journey. He assured fans concerned about their own physical and mental wellbeing he&rsquos doing fantastic, getting lost a &ldquoridiculous amount&rdquo of weight and lately damaged via a frustrating plateau.

&ldquoI&rsquom healthier now, today, and with this particular bad stuff today much better than I’d&rsquove last year with higher news,&rdquo he stated. &ldquoMy brain and my body system are superior to they&rsquove have you been, and that i like it, and that i&rsquom excited for this, and that i just can&rsquot wait to help keep pushing toward becoming the brand new me.&rdquo

Johnson quoted a line from Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi to summarize his current philosophy concerning the direction of his existence: &ldquoLet yesteryear die. Kill it if you need to. It&rsquos the only method to end up being the person you&rsquore intended to be.&rdquo

&ldquoI don&rsquot determine if I ought to be hearing Kylo Ren,&rdquo he joked, &ldquobut it can make lots of sense here, which&rsquos something I&rsquom going to try and do.&rdquo

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