(CNN)There is a place when Sara Bethany Masterson was fleeing her home from the quickly approaching wildfire that they thought it was it.

Fortunately, Masterson was among the lucky ones. Firefighters beat back the flames round her neighborhood in Ventura, California.
But her community is at tatters. And Masterson understood she’d to behave.
    So, she published a plea on Facebook that people fall off donations at her home. Blankets, towels, clothes. Anything she might take to shelters.
    The response, she stated, was “overwhelming — in a great way.”
    “I am essentially a small-Target,” she told CNN on Friday. “I’ve clothes, household products, chargers, footwear, baby products, diapers, toys and games. We have even become gift certificates from people.”
    Several volunteers are actually organizing the products so people may come and discover anything they need.
    “It is actually a group effort,” she stated. “Me is really full. Ventura will probably be more powerful than ever before. We will rebuild.”
    Discover more about Sara Bethany Masterson’s efforts&nbsphere.

    Find out more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/12/08/us/iyw-home-donation-site-wildfire-trnd/index.html