Unsure in case your parents are prepared for grandkids? Give them your pet! When Meghan Specksgoor needed to visit New You are able to City, she began searching for somebody to consider proper care of her dog, Chance. And what is the man, better to do the job than your father? After she disappeared, however, Meghan began receiving surprising messages in the gray babysitter.

To the web&rsquos delight, she made the decision to upload something to Twitter. Scroll lower to look into the story that received over 150K likes and tell us within the comments should you&rsquod be comfy departing your dog with this particular guy. Or remaining with him yourself.

Lately, Meghan Specksgoor&nbsphad to visit a vacation to New york city but she couldn&rsquot take her dog together with her

So she made the decision to surprise her loving father having a granddog rather of the grandkid

&ldquoMy father is babysitting Chance a few days ago, someone please have this man a grandchild&rdquo

Chance looked really pleased to spend more time with his grand daddy

They continued lots of adventures, connecting on the way

Nothing beats a night&rsquos sleep to recharge your batteries!

Now, Meghan and Chance are reunited

And also the internet thinks&nbspshe is deserving of more dogs rather of kids

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