As Ventura County is affected with the Thomas fire which has already forced about 200,000 individuals to evacuate, a guy braved the flames in order to save yet another local resident &ndash an outrageous bunny. Fortunately, a news professional photographer was nearby to record the heroic act, and also the emotional footage he taken is distributing on the web, giving aspire to all Californians.

Having seen the frightened animal, the unknown man stopped on the highway near La Conchita. He wasn&rsquot putting on a cape, just a set of shorts along with a hoodie. Because the animal darted in to the flames, he battled his feelings when confronted with total destruction. Inside a last-ditch effort, the person went all-in after a couple of moments and stumbles, the bunny was securely resting in the arms.

The person declined a request a job interview and made the decision to stay anonymous. Whomever he’s, he’s been instantly put into the hero list by individuals on social networking, claiming he’s effectively restored everybody&rsquos belief in humanity.

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The Thomas fire has consumed 115,000 acres,&nbspforcing about 200,000 individuals to evacuate

Image credits: Ryan Cullom / Ventura County Fire Department photo

The devastating wildfire can also be threatening all wildlife, including rabbits

Image credits: Getty Images

And something man saw flames surrounding a frightened wild bunny

Discover the shocking truth below to determine how fearlessly he reacted when confronted with total destruction

He declined a request a job interview and made the decision to stay anonymous

However that didn&rsquot stop individuals from adding the mysterious savior towards the ranks of heroes

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