A minimum of there’s someone in Washington having a need to feel good.

Mei Xiang the panda, who calls D.C.’s National Zoo her home, is loving the freshly fallen snow within the U.S. capital a few days ago. The zoo kindly shared a relevant video our panda friend’s frolics and… well… it’s wonderful.

Take a look at her moving lower that hill. Such poise. Such elegance. Such floofy abandon. Truly, Mei Xiang resides her best existence.

The zoo also released a statement to accompany the recording, explaining the way it handles different creatures once the weather will get cooler. It varies by animal, understandably. Many are gone to live in indoor housing, others have particular heated locations in their enclosures.&nbsp

Pandas, the zoo notes, tend to be more active throughout the winter. Because the bears hail from western China’s mountainous region, they are accustomed to the low temperatures. Mei Xiang certainly appears to become loving it.&nbsp

Roll on, panda friend. Roll on.

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