Since Apple did away using the iPhone’s headphone jack, the issue’s been certainly one of consternation each time another brand debuts a jackless phone.

Many of the time, people accuse makers of shedding the jack to be able to sell additional pricey Bluetooth earphones.

Which was exactly the same for Razer, which lately released its first smartphone people stated it had been so that they could sell its $79.99 USB C earphones, or $99.99 Bluetooth ones.

However, Razer Chief executive officer, Min-Liang Tan, has says taking out the headphone jack added a really respectable 500mAh towards the phone’s battery by means of size.

The big phone includes a huge 4,000mAh battery, that is without doubt essential to support its souped up performance and 120Hz screen refresh rate. (For reference, the huge Samsung Universe Note 8 includes a 3,330mAh battery.)

Tan stated inside a Facebook post, the additional space afforded through the jack also gave the telephone makers a method to improve its thermal dissipation, for much better performance.

As a result of a commenter around the publish, Tan added that “every micro milimeter counts” in packing components in phone’s tight form factor. The jack is really a “HUGE component,” he stated.

Using the headphone jack, the telephone “could have been considerably bigger,” he stated.

Tan did not restrain either, within this reply:

Image: facebook screenshot

Pretty savage.

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