Washington (CNN)President Jesse Trump is scheduled to go away Washington and mind to his Florida resort hrs prior to the deadline to prevent a government shutdown Friday at night time.

Obama is intending to spend the weekend at Marly-a-Lago for that one-year anniversary of his inauguration. However, his trip comes among the looming shutdown deadline as Congress battles from the clock to help keep the federal government open.
“We feel the bill will pass and also the President may have an chance to sign it,” White-colored House deputy press secretary Raj Shah told reporters Thursday. “I am talking about, a few of the timing and logistics of travel will need to reflect the truth, but we predict so that it is passed. So we expect obama so that you can visit Florida a few days ago.”
    Trump is scheduled to go away Washington within the 4 p.m. hour Friday.
    V . P . Mike Pence can also be scheduled to depart Washington Friday evening, on his three-country swing towards the Middle East. Pence goes to Egypt, Israel and Jordan.
    CNN’s Jim Acosta reported Thursday that White-colored House staffers were mulling the concept that Trump can use Twitter later to signal that the us government won’t close lower.
    The concept is when the Senate passes the ongoing resolution to help keep the federal government open Friday, obama could then tweet that he’ll sign the ongoing resolution. That might be a sign the federal government is open, even when he signs the particular bill at another time.
    The House voted Thursday night to help keep the federal government open through mid-Feb and today the problem moves towards the Senate.
    When the Senate passes the legislation, it might then be delivered to Trump’s desk for him to sign.

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