Sometimes, you&nbspshouldn&#8217t get it done for that &#8216Gram&mdashespecially whether it means being disrespectful for an ancient culture and becoming arrested.

According to the Associated Press, two Americans that run the Instagram account &#8220Traveling Butts&#8221 were arrested in Thailand on Tuesday night after posting a photograph of themselves exposing their butts at&nbspBangkok&rsquos Wat Arun, a famous Buddhist temple.

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Deputy police spokesman Krisana Pattanacharoen told AP the two men, only recognized by their first names, were arrested in the Bangkok airport terminal. Both compensated an excellent of 5,000 baht, or $150, prior to being used in immigration government bodies and face public indecency charges. Information also thinking about charging all of them with Thailand&#8217s computer crimes act, legislation frequently used from the online freedom of expression of political activists.

While AP reported the &#8220Traveling Butts&#8221 Instagram was taken lower, a free account with similar name is on the internet and has published 23 photos previously day&mdashnot just of these two men as well as their bare bottoms, but of individuals that required similar photos. However, it&#8217s unclear if these posters are identical men behind the initial account.

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Sure, mooning your camera at worldwide wonders around the globe appears as an interesting concept, however a killer Instagram following isn’t worth landing the sofa in prison.

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