The Macbook-styled flat roof from the Apple Store in Chicago.
Image: Getty Images

Ominous, high-hanging icicles have switched Apple’s sleek, MacBook-inspired waterfront store in Chicago right into a potentially risky atmosphere.&nbsp

Apple has cordoned off, carefully tape and signs, vulnerable places that the sharp ice could fall. Chicago blogger Matt Maldre first spotted the architectural problem, introduced on with this winter’s severe Arctic blast.

The architectural company Promote + Partners designed the carbon fibre roof to imitate a set MacBook Pro laptop. They can emblazoned an Apple emblem atop the rooftop &mdash much like around the actual devices.&nbsp

Your building may well be a design marvel &mdash with pure glass walls and svelte steel posts &mdash however it apparently lacks much winter utility, particularly for any place particularly created for public gathering, favorable to some social, urbanite atmosphere.

In the Apple event in September, Apple’s senior v . p . of retail, Angela Ahrendts, stated forthcoming Apple Stores could be “town square” spaces.

But possibly not in the winter months. There aren’t any gutters to trap falling snow or ice. Neither is the rooftop sloping, so icicles which do form aren’t dangling from 20 some ft overhead.

Indeed, it is common for icicles to create on structures in Chicago, especially over these freeze occasions therefore the Apple store is not distinctively developing sharp icicles. But come winter, this specific “town square” may become a precarious place.&nbsp

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