For many people, a dope Uber experience is determined by if the driver offered free water or had great style of music. When we&rsquore lucky, most likely the driver will offer you some sage knowledge or perhaps a great pep talk, too.

Only one Uber driver from Florida did more than that a week ago when she happened upon an undesirable girl visiting from Texas who’d been blown off by her boyfriend.

Luckily, the Uber driver livetweeted the entire experience, allowing individuals from around the globe to follow along with along.

The saga started whenever a lady named Leah broke lower in a Uber, declaring that driver that they&rsquod traveled alone from Texas to get to know her boyfriend who then claimed he couldn&rsquot see her while he would enter challenge with his football coaches.

&ldquoShe informs me that they travelled alone from Texas to determine a man and that he abandoned her and so i did things i want anyone to provide for me,&rdquo the Uber driver, @vickto_willy, tweeted. &ldquoI asked her to spend time with my buddies and that i.&rdquo

If everything described within the following tweets is true, the Uber driver and her buddies demonstrated Leah a great time in Florida. They pregamed, took in to Florida rap, went clubbing&mdashLeah even reached stage dive.

So when Leah&rsquos boyfriend known as to describe themself, the Uber driver even defended Leah, was up on her, and set that boy&rsquos complete name and Instagram on blast. Obviously, that sort of doxxing can also be problematic, especially because we don&#8217t know his side from the story. As a result, we&#8217ve blocked out his name and then any other identifying information.



She ongoing on Twitter while posting a social networking account together with his name and photo: &#8220Update: I simply told him to look at his back since i would tell my twitter family his @. Anybody know this prick?? He claims to become a student athlete for Florida Condition. So great he thinks he is able to treat women however he wants without them backfiring.&#8221

The Uber driver even ensured Leah went to bed that night and saw her off before she headed to Texas.

Never underestimate the strength of female camaraderie. People on Twitter applauded the Uber driver for identifying an individual in need of assistance and supplying support to some stranger.

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