Students came back to Marjory Stoneman Douglas Senior High School on Wednesday the very first time because the Feb 14 shooting.

But Samantha Fuentes was undertake and don’t.

The senior was shot within the leg striking hard and legs by shrapnel from fellow students because they were shot she hurt her face when she hit the floor.

Now she states she won’t be returning to the college because on her “there is no such factor normally any longer.” Rather she’ll finish out her credits with internet courses.

However it is not fear that’s keeping her away &#8212 it is a new purpose. She told CNN:

“As I am recovering and taking my web based classes, this is when Let me take the opportunity to travel, and call large audiences, spread my message, talk to lawmakers, attend rallies, be everywhere I have to be to ensure that people can hear me clearly.”

Her bravery is really inspiring!

Samantha is campaigning for greater school safety measures, raising the minimum age for gun purchase, more powerful criminal background checks, as well as an assault weapons ban &#8212 which frankly appears like good sense to all of us.

You want her best wishes as she continues her education &#8212 of lawmakers that’s!

BTW, take a look at gurl’s great interview from a week ago by which she discusses not finding Donald Trump empathetic or impressive (below)!


[Image via CNN.]

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