Some unpredicted visitors at the window tend to be more welcome than the others. Practically all people really are a creepy no. Perhaps you have observed that menacing kangaroo creepily tapping your window using its huge claws? Hell no!

Wild birds, however generally are a beautiful sight to behold, waiting with patience at the window and searching inquisitively inside. Many people (referred to as &lsquotwitchers&rsquo), visit great lengths to obtain a sight of a few of these wild birds, travelling all over the world just for a glimpse. These lucky folks don&rsquot even need to leave their couch!

We at Bored Panda have compiled a summary of occasions when wild birds and humans grew to become buddies, and our feathered buddies started to prevent by for any visit. Scroll lower below to take a look, and you can incorperate your own &lsquotwitcher&rsquo pics!

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