Image: world ip association/microsoft

The final time Microsoft attempted releasing a telephone, it didn’t go so well. Nevertheless, rumors happen to be circulating for several weeks about the potential of a brand new phone from the organization, the Surface Phone, that could really be awesome.&nbsp

Thursday, the planet Ip Organization granted Microsoft a mysterious patent. The patent, filed in June, contains sketches and descriptions of the items this type of phone might seem like.&nbsp

The patent is perfect for a “self-controlling hinge,” a hinge that may grant additional versatility to some dual-screened device, much like Lenovo Yoga, however with screens on parts.

The hinge allows the 2 screens, when arranged, to create up just one display without any bezel among. It might also allow a tool to fold forward and backward into multiple positions: a laptop, a tablet, a tent.&nbsp

As the patent does not say this hinge is meant for any phone as opposed to a tablet or laptop, the written text mentions the hinge can be created very compactly, allowing devices to slot in a user’s pocket.&nbsp

Image: World ip organization/microsoft

To reality: This phone might not actually be a thing. There’s little evidence that anything known as a Surface Phone really exists, and Microsoft has never indicated it’s making one.&nbsp

But if this type of phone is released, it could face some stiff competition, despite the novelty is filled. Samsung lately posted sketches of the foldable smartphone (the rumored Galaxy X) towards the Korean Ip Office that will, if created, most likely blow dual-display competitors like ZTE’s Axon M from the water. Samsung’s smartphone does not seem to fold for both, that might provide a benefit more than a Surface Phone where pragmatics are worried.&nbsp

Image: world ip organization/microsoft

So look out with this sick-searching phone, try not to hold your breath yet.&nbsp

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