It&#8217s time for you to start looking towards the Samsung Universe S9.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 enjoyed several weeks of uninterrupted attention following its April 2017 release, however it could only contain the spotlight for such a long time. The hugely popular device continues to be overshadowed in recent several weeks through the discharge of the Pixel 2 XL, iPhone X, and it is own bigger brother or sister, the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung will attempt to inject some existence back to its flagship smartphone line if this releases new models at the begining of 2018.

Here&#8217s everything we know of the approaching Samsung Universe S9 and Universe S9+.

Samsung Universe S9 design

The S9 will probably be made from aluminum and glass and have Samsung&#8217s signature curved edges. We suspect you will see subtle variations towards the S8, like the evolution in the S6 towards the S7.

The main one glaring design flaw from the S8 is its poorly placed fingerprint sensor. There&#8217s lots of speculation about where Samsung will move it. Otherwise underneath the display (more about that below), it might find its place underneath the camera, like the majority of current configurations.

In addition to the fingerprint sensor and style changes required to accommodate additional features (display and camera), the S9 will probably look just like its predecessor, meaning another year using the cursed Bixby button.

Samsung Universe S9 display

Basically we don&#8217t know without a doubt, it&#8217s a secure bet to visualize the S9 and S9+ will support the beautiful &#8220Infinity&#8221 display. It had been a standout feature around the S8 and Note 8 and it is now a defining aspect of the Universe line.

It&#8217s much more likely Samsung will stretch the screen even more towards the device&#8217s bottom and top edges. Which raises Universe loyalists&#8217 greatest fear: an iPhone X-like notch. Whether it demonstrates up, it&#8217s more prone to perform the bottom from the display, not round the front-facing camera.


A Samsung patent application surfaced in October, revealing a Universe device having a fingerprint sensor cutout at the base of their screen. Bear in mind, from the countless patents large hardware the likes of Samsung file, very couple of begin to see the light of day. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says the embedded fingerprint sensor will first debut at the end of 2018 around the Universe Note 9, and not the S9 selection.

The Universe S9 and S9+ will apparently feature 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch displays, exactly the same size his or her predecessors. That shouldn&#8217t be an unexpected thinking about the bigger of these two is simply .1-inches smaller sized compared to Note 8&#8212a device which will likely remain the biggest within the group. Not keen on the&nbsptrend toward hulking, unwieldy phablets? We&#8217ve got great news for you personally.&nbspNovember reports claim Samsung will unveil three new S9 devices, together with a 5-inch Universe S9 Small.

We&#8217re ready expect one having a display that sits somewhere backward and forward current choices, however that&#8217s searching unlikely.

Samsung Universe S9 camera

Whether it&#8217s anything such as the S8, we ought to expect nothing under the best smartphone picture quality from the S9. Rumors and leaks around the rear-facing camera are surprisingly thin. However, analysts agree it will receive a dual-lens camera upgrade.

Park Hyug-woo, an analyst at Shinhan Investment, told South Korean business publication the Investor he expects the S9 includes standard wide-position and secondary zoom lenses. &#8220The Universe S9 and Note 9 will probably be fitted having a dual-lens camera and a few of the firm&rsquos divisions, such as the inductance capacitance resistance unit, will publish improved profits,&#8221 he stated.

Phillip Tracy

There’s also reports claiming the S9 and S9+ will sport 16-megapixel sensors, a small rise in resolution in the 12MP camera around the S8 and S8+.

Shifting towards the front-facing camera, an intriguing face-off between Samsung&#8217s facial-recognition authentication method and Apple&#8217s questionable Face ID is brewing. Ice World, a properly-known leaker from China, posted on Twitter the S9 includes a &#82203D sensor front camera.&#8221 That sounds nearly the same as we’ve got the technology Apple uses around the iPhone X. Let&#8217s just hope it&#8217s safer than Samsung&#8217s previous&nbspembarrassing attempts.

Korean news site ETNews wrote in September that Samsung is mass producing a picture sensor which takes 1,000 images per second. That&#8217s less unlikely as it might seem. The The new sony Xperia XZ Premium can shoot at 960FPS, which helps super-slow-motion video capture.

Samsung Universe S9 processor

For that second year in a row, Samsung will have a processing edge on its Android competitors. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 (likely to be unveiled in December) might be exclusive to the S9 and S9+, based on Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin. That might be not so good news for fellow South Korean rival LG and it is G6 follow-up. The brand new processors ought to be more effective and efficient and are available with lots of other benefits, like better video and image processing, a far more effective modem, and improved security.

Although it&#8217s likely the S9 includes a brand new, upgraded Qualcomm nick, it&#8217s still unclear just how much RAM Samsung includes. The Universe S8 and S8+, like a number of other 2017 flagships, shipped with 4GB. However, Samsung elevated the stakes if this packed an astonishing 6GB within the Note 8.&nbsp There’ve been reports of the prototype Universe S9+ on Geekbench that used 4GB of RAM, but very low benchmark scores suggest maybe it’s a hoax.

Samsung Universe S9 battery existence

We won&#8217t understand how lengthy the S9&#8217s battery lasts until we obtain our on the job an evaluation unit. Samsung&#8217s flagships fared well this past year, with the S8+ and Note 8 easily lasting 1.five days of ordinary use despite their high-resolution OLED displays.

An ETNews report states Samsung is focusing on a brand new motherboard that packs more components right into a smaller sized area. This might permit a bigger capacity battery compared to 3,000mAh located on the S8. However, the brand new board will apparently only use the Exynos variant from the S9, and not the Qualcomm versions it ships within the U.S.

Samsung Universe S9 headphone jack and audio

There aren&#8217t many rumors concerning the Universe S9&#8217s loudspeakers. Since Samsung will probably keep your bezel-less display around, we suspect they’ll sit at the base from the device, where they&#8217ve been positioned because the S6.

The greater pressing real question is what’s going to Samsung do in order to the headphone jack? It&#8217s unclear at this time. You will find conflicting reports all around the questionable port. Ice World claims the S9 includes a conventional headphone jack. However, PhoneArena found a publish on Chinese tech site &#8220TechDroider&#8221 with sketches that demonstrate the phones with out them. Take both reports having a touch of suspicion.

Samsung Universe S9 software

The Universe S9 and S9+ will operate on Android Oreo, the most recent operating-system from Google, based on Samsung. That can make it the very first Samsung flagship released with everything else Oreo offers, including Picture-to-Picture, Notification Dots, better efficiency, and, obviously, new emoji.

Samsung also confirmed its Samsung Experience&nbsp9. skin (formerly TouchWiz) is going to be on &#8220the next Samsung Universe flagship devices.&#8221 The organization has already been letting select users test a beta form of the program therefore it can gather feedback and refine the consumer experience. Samsung&#8217s Android skin continues to be polished recently and includes several helpful features not present in stock Android. It&#8217s not obvious what new software can come towards the S9, but expect more Bixby and edge display features.

Samsung Universe S9 release date

So, when could it be released? Basically we won&#8217t obtain a firm release date until 2018, the largest an informed guess using past release dates and early rumors.

Here&#8217s the announcement date for those previous Universe S phones:

Universe S &#8211 March 2010

Universe S II &#8211 Feb 13

Universe S III &#8211 May 3

Universe S4 &#8211 March 14

Universe S5 &#8211 Feb 24

Universe S6 &#8211 March 1

Universe S7 &#8211 Feb 21

Universe S8 &#8211 March 29

As you can tell, every Universe S phone because the S III continues to be announced in Feb or March. When the alternating pattern continues, we ought to expect a late Feb release for that S9. That approximate timeline is strengthened with a September report from BGR that claims the S9 will launch earlier compared to S8 and S8+ did in 2017.

Forbes contributor Ewan Spence wrote on Oct 11. the model figures for that phones is going to be&nbspSM-G960 (Universe S9) and&nbspSM-G965 (Universe S9+). He suspects Samsung will either stick to a late March release or return to that old pattern and unveil the devices before Mobile World Congress (MWC) on February. 25. MWC will occur from February. 26 to March 1, 2018.

Samsung typically starts shipping devices the month once they&#8217re announced, so expect the S9 and S9+ to reach in March or April.

Samsung Universe S9 cost

We most likely won&#8217t know prices before the official unveiling, but we can at any rate narrow things lower. The Universe S8 and S8+ launched at $725 and $825, correspondingly.&nbspWith the cost of phones growing overall this past year, we&#8217d be amazed when the Universe line will get a cost decrease. We don&#8217t expect it to top the $950 Note 8. A conservative estimate for that cost of both phones is between $700 and $900, using the bigger model costing an additional $100.

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