Apple finally accepted it uses software updates to slow lower the whole process of older iPhones, confirming the suspicion of each and every iPhone user ever.

The organization taken care of immediately the growing horde of frustrated proprietors who say they watch a slower performance after upgrading their phones’ software. The main difference was discussed inside a

Inside a statement on Thursday, Apple confirmed it’s used iOS updates to throttle the CPU speed on older phones &#8212 only so proprietors could possibly get “the very best experience”!

Apple described the performance from the phone’s lithium-ion batteries can degrade with time, and that’s why phones all of a sudden shut lower in an effort to safeguard its components.

Slowing lower the processors, the organization claims, causes it to be simpler of these seasoned batteries to do. They described:

“Our goal would be to provide the best experience for purchasers, including efficiency and prolonging the existence of the devices. Lithium-ion batteries dwindle able to offering peak current demands while in cold weather, possess a low battery charge or as time passes with time, which can lead to the unit suddenly shutting lower to safeguard its electronic components.”

Apple added that it is software updates for that iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone SE and iPhone 7 are made to prevent these surprise shutdowns and basically extend the batteries’ lifespan &#8212 however the updates may also result in a lag in performance.

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This “smoothing out” implies that phones will reorder incoming instructions to make certain not all are performed concurrently, which in turn causes a slowdown from the average response occasions through the device.

For the time being, the slowdown affects select Apple phones, but the organization intends to use the same technique to “other products later on.” Pointless to state, many Apple fans are billed with anger.

It might be a really Merry Christmas for Android this season.

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