Mondays always suck, unless of course it&rsquos the next day literally any award show. There&rsquos truly nothing much better than sitting at the desk, pretending to operate while you scroll through Instagram and select the shit of all the red carpet looks. While you&rsquove most likely seen should you follow any celebrities on any kind of social networking, yesterday was the American Music Awards. Let&rsquos give compliments just like a drunk girl inside a bathroom then talk shit concerning the worst outfitted, we could?


Demi Lovato

Okay, all extra celebrities, please take serious notice. Demi&rsquos look is much like, the right illustration of the right music award show red carpet look. The gown is super flattering, your hair and makeup is incred, and overall it type of comes with an edgy vibe but continues to be a vintage look. Congratulations, Lovato.

Selena Gomez

Honestly, Selena has kinda been in my nerves lately for literally pointless whatsoever, making this difficult that i can say, however i&rsquom obsessive about this look. Often a drastic publish-breakup hair change is really a bad move, however when you&rsquore wealthy AF and may return right into a relationship with Attacking Young Boys like, not much later, the guidelines don&rsquot apply. I really like this latest (old?) Selena.


Gaga wasn&rsquot even technically in the red carpet in the AMAs&mdashshe what food was in the Washington D.C. stop of her tour&mdashand she still looked much better than everybody else. She rocked an Ala&iumla to recognition the lately passed designer (RIP) and channeled some major Madonna vibes. In it.


Confident Ciara&rsquos sole purpose in existence would be to you need to be hotter than all of those other population. This dress is really dope. Plus, her hair and makeup is ideal but nonetheless looks natural.


TBH, Kehlani&rsquos dress is eh, however i&rsquom thinking about her among the best due to the fact she will accomplish a minimal ponytail without searching just like a founding father.


Sabrina Carpenter

I do not know what you are, however i hate your dress. Sorry. It&rsquos very Miranda Hobbes and also the boots type of seem like a murderer built them into from our skin &agrave la .

Demi Lovato

I&rsquom putting Demi lower for the best outfitted and worst outfitted, because not really probably the most perfect styling could balance this dress. She appears like a walking lava lamp. This really is potentially certainly one of my least favorite dresses ever.


Even P!nk looks pissed to become putting on this dress. It type of appears like an expensive loofah that included the tub and the body Works gift set your father&rsquos new girlfriend bought you for Christmas after your folks&rsquo divorce.

Bebe Rexha

I&rsquom confused in regards to what is going on here. This dress most likely had good intentions (even when it’s made from a cloth I’d normally wear to some friend’s bat mitzvah in 2004), however it made the decision to permit Bebe&rsquos breasts to try and try to escape from one another. Also, just searching in the cut from the dress combined with the footwear stresses me out, since i keep picturing Bebe falling over and getting to complete the earthworm rather of walk.

Julia Michaels

I am talking about, when the finish goal here ended up being to funnel Lydia Deetz from , this look is killer. But like, I&rsquom presuming that wasn&rsquot the purpose. This season, Comme plusieurs Gar&ccedilons has kinda scammed everybody into believing that it&rsquos fashionable to put on loads of fluffy red fabric, however this look clearly isn&rsquot working.


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