(CNN)Following a nearly two-month search, Tampa police arrested and billed a 24-year-old man with four counts of murder in link with a number of fatal shootings which had afraid residents within the city’s Seminole Heights neighborhood.

Howell Donaldson III was taken into child custody Tuesday mid-day in a nearby Burger king after police retrieved a gun they stated have been utilized in the 4 killings.
Donaldson accepted he owned the gun but didn’t admit towards the killings, Tampa Police Chief John Dugan stated, but police think that they finally caught the individual responsible.
    “We have had other guns, but we understood it was the main one,” Dugan stated. “The work starts to shore in the situation and i believe prosecution.”
    The arrest came 51 days following the to begin four shootings in Seminole Heights, because both versions targeted citizens doing ordinary things, like waiting in a bus stop or crossing the road. The four seemingly unconnected victims were each wiped out — although not conned — while walking alone during the night inside a half-mile area, police stated,resulting in fears of the murderer around the loose.
    Previously month, officials swarmed the tree-lined neighborhood, counseling residents to not go outdoors alone, to become alert and their porch lights on. Some residents stopped walking their dogs, running outdoors, walking or awaiting public transit alone, saying they no more felt safe.
    Police stated they did not yet be aware of motive for that killings or why the Seminole Heights neighborhood was selected.
    “He was friendly and nice towards the cops, but he did not provide us with anything. He did not inform us why he was doing the work, or anything like this,” Dugan stated.
    For days, officials had stated these were not calling the shooter a serial killer. But on Wednesday, Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn stated he was happy with the town, which “has spent the final 51 days handling a murderer.”

    The arrest

    Police stated they received some advice on Tuesday around 2:40 p.m. from a Burger king manager in regards to a man who’d a gun inside a bag in the junk food restaurant. The Burger king is all about 2 to 3 miles where the killings required place.
    Donaldson labored at this Burger king, Dugan stated, and visited earlier within the day. He gave the manager a gun inside a paper bag for safe-keeping, police stated. The manager then gave the weapon to some officer, who known as for backup and arrested Donaldson for additional questioning.
    A coworker told police that Donaldson had expressed his intention to depart the condition, based on the criminal affidavit.
    Donaldson obtained a Glock gun on October 3 and selected it to October 7 following the mandatory waiting period, the affidavit states. Also, he purchased Sig Sauer .40-caliber Cruz &amp Wesson ammunition, on October 7, based on the police.
    Within an interview with police, he stated that nobody else had charge of the gun since he bought it, based on the affidavit. Also, he stated he was not really acquainted with Seminole Heights.
    Fired SIG brand Cruz &amp Wesson .40 caliber cartridges put together at three from the shooting scenes, based on the affidavit. A test of Donaldson’s Glock gun and also the cartridge casings retrieved in the scenes demonstrated the casings have been fired from his weapon, the affidavit mentioned.
    Location data on his mobile phone corresponded for an address close to the killings at occasions when three from the homicides happened, based on the affidavit.
    Additionally, the report claims that Donaldson agreed to some search of his vehicle, where police found clothing much like that worn through the suspect in surveillance footage. The clothing made an appearance to achieve the existence of a suspected bloodstream stain, the affidavit mentioned.
    Dugan told reporters late Tuesday night concerning the arrest of Donaldson, while they had not finished creating the costs against him. He stated they wanted to leave this news from the arrest rapidly to reassure the Seminole Heights community.
    “The actual goal would be to allow the people of Seminole Heights be capable of getting a great night’s sleep,” Dugan stated. “It has been 51 days that they have been terrorized within their neighborhood which is about letting these families realize that we are likely to bring this individual to justice, and letting this neighborhood acquire some rest.”
    Donaldson is scheduled to create his first court appearance on Thursday. He’s not retained a lawyer and will probably be hired one at his court appearance.

    Suspect was on college basketball team

    Donaldson attended St. John’s College in New You are able to starting in fall 2011 and graduated in The month of january 2017, based on John Browne, executive director of College Relations.
    He would be a walk-on for that men’s basketball team throughout the 2011-2012 season but never performed inside a game, Browne stated.
    His newcomer-year suitemate at St. John’s stated Donaldson introduced themself as “Trai” in nov 2011. The suitemate, who requested not to be identified, stated they resided within the same suite the season, until Donaldson got an off-campus apartment.
    When college buddies sent the previous suitemate Donaldson’s mugshot early Wednesday morning, “my mouth dropped,” the previous suitemate stated, still in shock.
    “It is simply like, what? Not Trai. I simply aren’t seeing what his motive could be.”
    His first impression of Donaldson was he was quiet, even though the suitemate accepted which was typical the very first couple of times of school. He stated Donaldson had the very best manners, outfitted perfectly, and it was a sneakerhead.
    He stated he never saw him angry, and also at parties, he stated Donaldson would be a wallflower.
    “[Trai was] only a regular guy,” the previous suitemate stated. “Nothing was out as violent.”
    Officials stated they still had several unanswered questions regarding the motive for that killings.
    “We are still trying to puzzle out this person’s ties towards the neighborhood,” Dugan stated. “We are unsure why he is at this neighborhood or what his motive is. There’s still much more to get in this analysis.”

    The sufferers

    The sufferers appear to possess been selected randomly, departing the city on edge as the amount of unsolved shootings mounted.
    • Benjamin Mitchell, 22, a complete-time student at Hillsborough College, was shot and wiped out in a bus stay in the Seminole Heights neighborhood October 9.
    • Monica Hoffa, 32, a waitress, was shot and wiped out October 11. Her body was discovered 2 days later inside a vacant parking area.
    • Anthony Naiboa, 20, who’d autism coupled with just began a brief job packing relief supplies for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico, was shot October 19 as he accidentally got around the wrong bus and wound up in Seminole Heights.
    • Ronald Felton, 60, who labored in construction coupled with three grown children, was shot within the back on November 14.

    Relief in Tampa

    Florida Gov. Ron Scott, who’d visited Seminole Heights a week ago, stated he’d seen “firsthand the discomfort these crimes have caused over the community.”
    “In Florida, we’ve absolutely zero tolerance for this kind of evil behavior and anybody responsible is going to be held towards the maximum extent from the law,” he stated inside a statement.
    On Wednesday, Scott thanked Tampa police along with other police force agencies for working night and day to resolve the confounding situation.
    “Why somebody might say in their eyes to visit take four individuals’ lives, I simply do not get it,” Scott stated. “And I’m not sure that we’ll ever understand.”
    Buckhorn recognized the “tired” police force government bodies who’d labored 24 hrs each day to resolve this situation.
    “Today would be a good day. Today, the great guys won. Today, Seminole Heights can sleep,” he stated.
    “Today we start the recovery process. Now, the judicial process starts. And it’ll finish. And That I can promise you that whenever it will finish, this community is a better place. Since I know where this person is gonna spend his eternity.”

    Member of the family response to arrest

    Maria Rodriguez, the stepmother of Naiboa, told CNN she was happy forget about individuals will be injured.
    “We are relieved to some extent. Justice continues to be offered to date,” she stated.
    Rodriguez stated her family intends to stick to the court proceedings within the situation.
    “I wish to exist since i want this individual to obtain the dying penalty,” she stated.
    At the end of October, Dugan released fuzzy video of the “person of great interest” putting on a hooded jacket casually walking lower a street near among the killings.
    Law enforcement chief released new video about two days ago showing an identical-searching person with similar gait who had been present close to the last shooting, those of Felton. The individual within the video, Dugan stated then, became a suspect.
    With different witness statement, Dugan initially described the suspect like a black male between 6 ft and 6 ft 2 ” having a thin build along with a light complexion. The surveillance images were in black and white-colored.
    The suspect was putting on an all-black costume along with a black baseball cap and equipped with a sizable black pistol, police stated.

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