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Final Destination IRL! Watch This Car Narrowly Escape Being Crushed By A Boulder!

Just a friendly reminder that death lurks around every bend. One driver narrowly escaped becoming Final Destinationed when a large boulder fell onto a highway in Taiwan, missing his car by SECONDS.

Mike Huckabee Schooled On Twitter After Comparing Trump To Churchill!

Yet more proof Inside a truly poorly thought-out tweet, that was most likely more inspired by watching the needed-released biopic Darkest Hour than any real understanding base, the previous governor compared Trump to British Pm Winston Churchill: Churchill was hated by their own party, opposition party, and press. Feared by King as reckless, and despised [...]

Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo Splits From Her Husband Of 28 Years

Theresa Caputo and her husband of 28 years, Ray, are saying they've had enough. The 51-year-old Lengthy Island Medium reality TV star released an announcement a few days ago announcing the split, which sounds to become friendly and mutual instead of one-sided or contentious. Within the statement, Caputo stated: "After 28 many years of marriage, [...]

Queens Of The Stone Age Frontman Josh Homme Violently Kicks Photographer In The Head, Says He Was ‘In A State Of Being Lost In Performance’

What within the FUCK, Josh Homme?? The Queens from the Stone Age frontman was acting just like a jackass on Saturday night in a show in El Lay as he kicked a lady professional photographer within the mind mid-show… after which began to the crowd "retards" and poker fun at the headlining act, Muse, inside [...]

Hannibal Buress Arrested Tense Confrontation With Cops In Miami Caught On Video

Whoa!!! Comedian Hannibal Buress was arrested down in Miami overnight, but not before he had a pretty tense confrontation with the cops, yelling at them and demanding to know why he was being placed under arrest — and the entire thing was caught on video. The video shows that Buress was handcuffed by Miami cops [...]