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FCC Chair Ajit Pai thinks it’s funny to joke about being a Verizon pawnbut the internet isn’t laughing

While a majority of the (real) comments submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) have been in support of net neutrality laws, chairman Ajit Pai isn’t shy to joke about supporters’ concerns of internet service providers taking advantage of consumers. In a leaked video of his “self-roast” at the annual Federal Communications Bar Association gathering, [...]

Heres everything you can do to help save net neutrality

Ajit Pai’s plannet neutrality rulesFCC leadership members who will be votingUnder net neutrality rules, also known as open internet rules, internet service providers (ISPs) are prohibited from discriminating between different services and must treat all traffic equally. That means, for instance, your broadband provider can’t slow down (throttle) or block your connection to your favorite [...]