The new sony released newer and more effective stats today detailing the advancement of sales because of its PS4 console and PS VR headset systems. The figures that matter:&nbsp70.six million PS4 consoles, 617.8 million PS4 titles, two million PS VR headsets and 12.two million PS VR titles.

Things seem to be moving along rather well in console-land, where The new sony is nearly certainly winning the console wars with Microsoft. Microsoft hasn&rsquot released unit sales figures since The month of january of the year, if this announced that 26 million Xbox One units have been offered. For the reason that time, Microsoft has released an up-to-date form of the machine, the 4K-playing Xbox One X. The new sony released the souped-up PS4 Pro this past year.

Meanwhile, The new sony has additionally made significant inroads on sales of their VR headsets. The organization announced in June that the organization had offered a million headsets. The headset continues to be given a kind of cost drop with the inclusion of the camera which had formerly been yet another purchase.

Using more than 60 million PS4 units offered, the organization&rsquos flagship console is quickly approaching the lifetime sales from the PS3, which offered 70 million units over its entire existence cycle. The PS4 first continued purchase in The United States in November of 2013. The Ps 2, the very best-selling video gaming console ever, offered 155 million units.

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