Autocorrect may be annoying whenever you&rsquore attempting to fast-type a note for your mother, however a writing team at Botnik Studio used just the program behind it to produce a truly amusing bit of Harry Potter fanfiction, also it&rsquos the very best factor we&rsquove read all year long.

Based on Botnik author and editor Nat Towsen, the pc-augmented book title (Harry Potter and also the Portrait of the items Appeared As If a sizable Pile of Ash) and it is supposed thirteenth chapter was produced utilizing a &lsquopredictive keyboard&rsquo &ndash a text generator that attempts to you know what the following word typed will likely be. They setup its formula by training it on all 7 original Harry Potter novels, motivated it with a few guiding articles, then ignore it to town on the field of Wizardry.

Towsen composed the ultimate result by organizing easily the funniest bits of copy his team were left with right into a (somewhat) coherent narrative, and added their own touch in some places to really make it find out more easily. If this sounds like any suggestion of the items AI might be able to do if because of the capacity to write our next bestsellers for all of us, we may be in luck.

Scroll lower to see the knee-slapping &lsquochapter&rsquo on your own, and take Botnik&rsquos predictive keyboard for any spin here.

A group of authors at Botnik Studios used just the program behind autocorrect to produce easily the funniest project

We&rsquore confident it got much more rave reviews compared to original series

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