‘Tis the growing season, until you are a vehicle engrossed in holiday lights.

Brandon Wooden from Beaufort, Sc ties Christmas lights round his vehicle yearly, distributing the glow as he’s done during the last 5 years.&nbsp

“People usually follow me for any couple of miles, videotape me, Snapchat, stop me and let me know to drag over along the side of the direction to have a picture,” he told WJCL.

But while people follow him around for any photo, law enforcement were not too interested in his attempt for holiday spirit.

Wooden received a $232 ticket for “improper lighting” by police, once they stopped to consider a photograph using the vehicle, then gave him an alert.

By Tuesday, WJCL reported that Wooden had received $300 to pay for the fine because of contributions using a GoFundMe setup by his buddies.

“I really like doing the work for anyone. On their behalf, not for me personally, on their behalf. And my boy, obviously, he loves it,” he described.&nbsp

Gotta keep fighting the person.

Find out more: http://mashable.com/2017/12/22/christmas-car-lights-fine/