The ladies of&nbsp“Saturday Night Live” hit back in the prevalent news of sexual harassment allegations having a “Welcome to Hell” skit to help remind us that none of those allegations &#8213 as shocking as they might be &#8213&nbspis really anything new.

&ldquoHey there, boys, we all know the final couple several weeks happen to be insane,&rdquo Cecily Strong states while talking about the reports of rape, harassment along with other misconduct against high-profile men because the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke.

&ldquoAll of those big, awesome, effective guys are growing to be, what&rsquos the term, habitual predators,&rdquo Aidy Bryant adds. &ldquoAnd it&rsquos like, dang, is that this the planet now?&rdquo

That&rsquos when Strong breaks this news to anybody living in the cage:&nbsp&ldquoThis been the damn world.&rdquo

“Saturday Night Live”/NBC
The ladies of “SNL” tackle sexual harassment inside a “Thanks for visiting Hell” music video.

Regardless of the unique Katy Perry look, with floating cherries, clouds and giant lollipops, the recording didn&rsquot sugarcoat the growing listing of issues women face &#8213 and also have faced for hundreds of years.

Flashbacks incorporated scenes of ladies&rsquos suffrage, witch burning along with a male-dominated workplace similar to the Television show &ldquoMad Men.&rdquo

Leslie Johnson also walked directly into help remind everybody that &ldquoit&rsquos just like a million occasions worse for any lady of color.&rdquo

&ldquoNow &lsquoHouse of Cards&rsquo is destroyed, which really sucks. Well here&rsquos a summary of items that&rsquos destroyed for all of us,&rdquo actress Saoirse Ronan states before they tick via a list which includes parking, walking, Uber, ponytails, bathrobes, night time, consuming, hotels and vans.

Viewers rapidly required to social networking to applaud the ladies&rsquos work, with several calling it the anthem we want at this time.

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