Just whenever you think you are the craziest cat lady around, another person goes ahead and something-ups you to definitely the maximum. Russian player Alla Lebedeva has switched her homestead right into a self-announced ‘Catland,’ and it has gone viral using the incredible photographs and videos she takes of her many glorious Siberian cats.

Stationed in Prigorodny, just outdoors Barnaul, Siberia, Lebedeva and her husband Sergey happen to be raising cats for more than ten years. “The number of do we now have? To this type of question It’s my job to answer ‘a million, maybe more,'” Lebedeva tells DesignYouTrust. “They reside in the henhouse… They’ve three &lsquolittle bedrooms&rsquo there where would they sleep based on the way they feel. Our cats safeguard the chickens and rabbits from rats and rodents.”

Alla’s photo and video diary of her feline family’s daily adventures are in possession of followers well over 2 1000 online, yet they ongoing to become circulated online without permission and passed off as ‘Norwegians.’ Although the Siberian cat is carefully associated with the famous Norwegian Forest Cat, don’t forget that they’re separate species – and try to make sure to credit whatever you share if at all possible. It is good to improve your health.

Scroll lower and become transported to Koshlandia, and tell us if you want to visit this ‘cat hostel’ sometime.

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