Roy Moore riding his horse towards the Alabama polls with truly terrible form.
Image: Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Alabama election day has finally showed up, and Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore made his grand entrance towards the polls on horseback.&nbsp

Moore &mdash who’s been banned from the mall, charged with sexual misconduct by 9 women, and alleged to have initiated an intimate encounter having a 12-year-old girl as he was 32 &mdash most likely thought coming on the horse will be a nice distraction. But Twitter users and horse aficionados saw one glaring problem: the man’s form was tragically terrible.&nbsp

Footage from the ride shows an oddly stiff Moore awkwardly installed on his horse, Sassy. (The horse doesn’t appear happy to be incorporated in Moore’s narrative.)

Horse Twitter saddled up and came for Moore, brutally criticizing his form and tossing some serious equestrian shade his way.

Someone even required time from their day to produce a Sassy Twitter account using the bio: “I didn’t request this. I’m just a horse. I’d no choice within the matter.”

Based on the account, Roy Moore’s horse doesn’t want him to win the election, either.

Remember, everybody: Additionally towards the disgraceful harassment allegations, a election for Moore is also a election for terrible equestrian skills.

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