Look, if you wish to cut lower an enormous Christmas tree, and place it up within your two-story family room, do it now. But maybe don’t endanger anyone’s existence along the way.

Police in Massachusetts set up a publish on their own Facebook page on Friday, reminding individuals to please transport their Christmas trees securely. They should not need to do this, but here i am.

“Our officer’s stopped this vehicle on Route 20 today,” the cops said on Facebook, posting a photograph of the items seems to become a Prius capped having a Christmas tree.

The tree is really large, it entirely obstructs viewing side and rear home windows. It isn’t clearly visible, but we are also guessing it wasn’t tied lower perfectly.&nbsp

As the tree transport was crazy as you would expect, many people within the comments were upset the police made the decision to the tree a “holiday tree” rather of the Christmas tree.&nbsp

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