Nowadays it&rsquos difficult to tell what&rsquos real and just what&rsquos not. The majority of the images that people see in social networking or magazines happen to be pretty much altered using software applications and that’s been gradually distorting our knowledge of reality itself. However, many people won’t endure this and wish to open people&rsquos eyes towards the truth.

Two beautiful plus-size models, Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe, partnered with professional professional photographer Karizza to exhibit the way the media takes photo-editing to a new level. Diana and Callie had their picture taken and Karizza used illustrator to create extreme edits.

&ldquoI are saying we glance Amazing for both&rdquo, Diana authored on her behalf Instagram publish. &ldquoThe reason for ps3 slim demonstrate all how magazines and also the media take editing to a new level. Models and celebrities don’t even seem like themselves. We live in this fake world it is time to create real back. Own what you are and slay!&rdquo

Check out the pre and post images below and let’s read your comments.

Both of these beautiful ladies, Callie around the left and Diana around the right, made the decision to exhibit how magazines and also the media takes editing to a new level

They requested an expert professional photographer to make use of illustrator on their own physiques to exhibit just how much could be altered using software applications

Within the same publish, they demonstrated the initial image encouraging individuals to &ldquoOwn what you are and slay &ldquo

It was not the very first time these ladies spread your body positivity message

Recently Diana shared a picture of her body alongside Kim Kardashian by having an empowering note &ndash &ldquoWe are generally women with various physiques&rdquo

The primary message of those women is the fact that everybody should love themselves which&rsquos something which everybody could possibly get behind


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