UPDATE 6:55 P.M. EST: The conversation with Joe Schilling looks like it’s Avoid the actual Kimberly Johnson. Find out more

Per the recording, Jones’ classmates have allegedly been making fun of his nose, known as him ugly, and also have accused him of getting no buddies. At some point, Keaton’s fellow middle schoolers “put milk on [him] and set pork lower [his] clothes, [an put] bread on [him].” How awful.

Understandably, many were moved upon learning of Keaton’s plight. However, as increasing numbers of information surfaced concerning the youngster’s family, less individuals have become supportive to Jones’ situation. Why?? Well, apparently, Keaton’s mother Kimberly Johnson seems to possess far right leaning political beliefs.

Don’t think us?? Please check out evidence of her alleged social networking writings (below).

While you surely know, the confederate flag is broadly considered today denoting historic racism, discomfort, and suffering.

Martial artist Joe Schilling also published a discussion by having an Instagram user claiming is the mother, which rapidly grew to become viral (below):

As the evidence (above) is not formally verified, it’s sparked a substantial amount of attention online (btw, we are not okay with Schillings’ purported utilization of that derogatory term, either). As well as, Johnson has since shut lower her Facebook account by Monday morning.

Unsurprisingly, considering these damning posts, many online have requested celebrities to withdraw their support of Keaton. Patton Oswalt has lately faced off and among the critics and noted:

Hmmm, interesting point. Another thing that’s sweeping the web &#8212 Keaton themself has supposedly addressed the debate as, within an unverified publish online, a person claiming is the middle schooler authored:

I hope you all can forgive her she is a good person we make all make mistakes #keatonjones #kimberlyjones #keatonA publish shared by adore you all (@keatonjones11) on 12 , 11, 2017 at 5:50am PST

Huh. Hopefully this apology is a) legit and 2) not really a PR make an effort to combat the rumors that Keaton themself had been racist in school, hence, the bullying (though to become obvious &#8212 bullying and violence are never the answer).

Although this report has not yet been confirmed, one Twitter user shared:

Uh oh.

Oh, and Keaton’s principal Greg Clay told one the local press the bullying Johnson claimed he endured was “less rampant because the video maybe have you believe.” Clay relayed:

“I can not let you know that which was done, but I will tell you action was taken using the children.”

Drama, drama, dramaaaa. Regardless, Keaton is unquestionably enjoying this celebrity attention, as you insider told People:

“Keaton is happy to listen to everybody. It truly means a great deal to him.”

Make sure to stay tuned in as we are certain there’s more to discover this case!!

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