&ldquoWhat to complete when Bill Gates transmits a 30lb Pusheen&rdquo isn’t a headline you read every single day, however for one lucky Redditor, it&rsquos a sentence which will forever define Christmas 2017.

It&rsquos well-known that Microsoft tycoon is really a regular participant in Reddit&rsquos annual Secret Santa exchange, and every year, he showers his giftee most abundant in amazing holiday treasures you could imagine. He didn&rsquot dissatisfy when cat-enthusiast VietteLLC demonstrated as his match the haul she received on Wednesday morning are only able to be referred to as a complete blowout, and incorporated &ndash you suspected it &ndash a huge plush Pusheen, which Gates posed within a photograph to demonstrate the authenticity from the source. &ldquoThe best benefit?&rdquo She authored on Reddit after unboxing the delivery. &ldquoKnowing that sooner or later within my workweek, I had been consuming coffee, writing a dull email, and was somewhere getting an expert photo taken having a jumbo Pusheen and writing me notes about cats.&rdquo

Scroll lower to determine what she got, and mix your fingers that the coming year, may be the main one playing Santa Claus for you personally!

Redditor VietteLLC got the most wonderful gifts from her Secret Santa &ndash who switched to be

&ldquoI&rsquove done the Reddit gift exchange for a long time now. I really like all of the silly little gifts,&rdquo she writes on Reddit

&ldquoI always browse the publish and laugh&hellip never for any second even thinking about it possible for me personally&rdquo

&ldquoA commissioned, one-of-a-kind mix-stitch of Me and my buddy, Bill, and my 4 cats&hellip&rdquo

&ldquoA $250 donation towards the FFRC, a $250 donation towards the Stray Cat Alliance, a $250 donation to Town Cats&hellip&rdquo

&ldquoMy existence goal would be to fully fund a no-kill cat shelter eventually and reform the U.S. shelter system to become entirely no-kill&rdquo

&ldquo30-ant-pound Pusheen. I’ll die holding this at 90&hellip I immediately recognized the large gray blob shape and a pair of tail stripes&hellip&rdquo

&ldquoThe best benefit? Well, second towards the donations and gigantic Pusheen&hellip&rdquo

&ldquoKnowing that sooner or later within my workweek&hellip was somewhere getting an expert photo taken having a jumbo Pusheen and writing me notes about cats&rdquo

&ldquoP.S. Bill, the recording is perfect for you. Please don&rsquot show the web&rdquo

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