Hot on the tail of both Spotify and Netflix catching mixed reactions for their hyper-personal billboards and tweets&mdashwhich known as out such things as the number of occasions individual customers had streamed&nbspThe Christmas Prince&mdashNetflix appears to possess bending lower.

Netflix released a relevant video Monday of 1 customer and the lengthy-term girlfriend&mdashwho just transpires with love the show&nbspSanta Clarita Diet&mdashgetting engaged with the help of the show&#8217s stars Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant. The twist? The girlfriend doesn’t have idea she&#8217s inside a commercial. She apparently signed a waiver thinking she would perform some kind of reality show about Netflix users.

So as the clip&mdashwhich continues to be RTed over 8,900 occasions&mdashfeels sincere and fun just like a hidden camera YouTube video might, there&#8217s that added component of: Surprise! You&#8217ve experienced an advert this complete time! And today your precious existence milestone will probably be tweeted to huge numbers of people to be able to sell a California zombie show!

The pair appears pleased with the knowledge overall, that is most likely the only goal in the finish during the day, however the three-minute clip may be the latest illustration of some daring new line-erasing between advertising and real existence from the streaming corporation.

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