Everyone has that certain neighbor whose front lawn has that little extra &lsquosomething.&rsquo For just one Twitter user, it&rsquos the man a couple of houses lower who dresses up his manatee mailbox based on the season. Yes, you read that properly &ndash manatee mailbox.

In affiliation using the &lsquoSave The Manatee&rsquo club, a Florida-based business constitutes a living business 5-inch, fiberglass manatee-formed mailboxes. Should you&rsquore searching to &ldquobring cheer along with a laid-back sea feel to your house,&rdquo because the official Manatee Mailboxes website suggests, this may be the $600 investment for you personally.

Well, unless of course you reside in Pennsylvania. In 2012, a lady living close to the Yellow Beaches Creek had her manatee mailbox stolen, and then came back beaten and dismembered. Within the many years she’d owned the adorable factor, locals had apparently smashed it with golf equipment and tried to place it burning on multiple occasions. What did manatees ever do in order to them?

Regardless of whether you&rsquore a manatee-lover, or perhaps a Pennsylvania resident (we seriously don&rsquot understand what&rsquos happening with everyone available online for), scroll lower to determine probably the most fashionable manatee mailbox ever, and join the web in feverishly wanting your own.

You might already know about manatee mailboxes, Also known as probably the most adorable factor to ever happen

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Well, prepare to participate all of those other Internet in becoming absolutely obsessive about them

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It&rsquos all because of one Twitter user in Florida, whose neighbor dialed his manatee mailbox game as much as 100

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Image credits: Marleyey

Image credits: Marleyey

Image credits: Marleyey

Seriously &ndash you realize everybody loved it!

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