Following the bizarre way he introduced his new tunneling company, we&#8217ve learned to not doubt Elon Musk’s&nbspoutlandish claims. On Friday, he demonstrated themself worth that trust once more.

The company magnate published a photograph album on Instagram showing his personal Tesla Roadster getting ready to be sent into space. The photos come&nbspjust days after Musk announced the first payload from the new Falcon Heavy rocket could be his &#8220midnight cherry&#8221 electric vehicle.

&ldquoPayload is going to be my night time cherry Tesla Roadster playing Space Oddity,&rdquo Musk&nbspwrote on Twitter. &ldquoDestination is Mars orbit. Come in deep space for any billion years approximately whether it doesn&rsquot inflate on ascent.&rdquo

There is lots of confusion surrounding this statement, but after poking fun at media outlets, we’ve what seems to become confirmation.

Entitled &#8220A Red Vehicle for that Red Planet,&#8221 the album of seven similar images shows an initial-generation Tesla Roadster mounted to some platform inside the walls of the Falcon Heavy rocket. The approaching launch, scheduled to have an early 2018 launch, is a milestone for SpaceX. Not due to the supercar payload, speculate the Falcon Heavy will ultimately be offer the exam. The aerospace company has labored for a long time to produce the enormous spacecraft, that is basically three Falcon 9 rockets strapped together&mdashmaking it probably the most effective rocket on the planet.

The organization needed a dummy payload to transmit into space because the Falcon Heavy&#8217s first journey would likely finish within an explosion. In April, Musk stated he was considering the &ldquosilliest thing we can imagine&rdquo to put on the top from the rocket. Why did he select a Tesla Roadster? Since it made Musk &#8220feel.&#8221

&ldquoTest flights of recent rockets usually contain mass simulators by means of concrete or steel blocks. That appeared very boring,&rdquo Musk authored on Instagram. &ldquoOf course, anything boring is terrible, especially companies, therefore we made the decision to transmit something unusual, something which made us feel.&rdquo

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