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A mom has written instructions in defence of her 14-year-old boy who’s facing a suit over gaming cheats in america.

Caleb Rogers is among a couple facing law suit from gaming studio Epic Games for implementing cheat software to experience the disposable game Fortnite.

The studio states it’s taken the step since the boy declined to get rid of a YouTube video he printed which promoted ways to use the software.

His mother states he’s a scapegoat.

“The corporation is while trying to sue a 14-year-old child,” she wrote in the letter which has been shared online.

Ms Rogers added that they hadn’t given her boy parental accept to take part in the game as mentioned in the conditions and terms, which because the game was liberated to take part in the studio couldn’t claim lack of profit because of the cheats.

“It is indeed my thought that because of their inabiility to curve cheat codes yet others from modifying their game, they’re utilizing a 14-year-old child like a scapegoat to create a good example of him,” she stated.

Inside a statement given to the website Kotaku, Epic Games stated the suit was a direct result Mr Rogers “filing a DMCA counterclaim to some takedown notice on the YouTube video that uncovered and promoted Fortnite Fight Royale cheats and exploits.”

“Epic isn’t Comfortable with ongoing cheating or copyright violation from anybody at all ages,” it stated.

Cheating just for fun

Inside a YouTube video produced by the boy themself discussing the law suit, he stated he cheated “just for fun” which the cheat he used was freely available on the web. He denied which makes it or selling it themself.

He accepted he have been banned in the game several occasions formerly.

The recording received an assorted reaction, with a few comments supporting him however, many saying he is at the incorrect.

Epic Games continues to be contacted through the BBC for comment.

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