Fans from the massively creative sandbox game Minecraft may have something to celebrate early the coming year.

Throughout the MineCon Earth 2017 livestream on Saturday, the sport&rsquos team of developers revealed a brand new slew of features visiting the legendary game, including massively expanded oceans filled with dolphins. The update is known as, appropriately enough, &ldquoThe Update Marine,&rdquo also it&rsquos certainly one of a couple of changes towards the game teased by gaming developer Mojang on Saturday.

Inside a sit-lower interview with actor Will Arnett&mdashdone in design for a late-night talk show, including a desk transported out to the set&mdashMinecraft lead creative designer Jens Bergensten dished some information on updates scheduled to reach within the days and several weeks in the future.

The update may also include new water physics, explorable underwater shipwrecks, oceanic terrain, and tridents, a brand new combination ranged/melee weapon perfectly suited to the watery depths.

&ldquoNext year, we&rsquore likely to release the update on all platforms simultaneously, pretty much,&rdquo Bergensten stated. &ldquoMaybe different day, but pretty much the same time frame.&rdquo

As the new underwater update isn’t any doubt reason for celebration for Minecraft fans, there is one slightly disappointing omission in the announcement, like a delay was announced for that hotly anticipated Super Duper Graphics Pack. Based on an announcement published towards the official Minecraft website, the brand new graphics won&rsquot launch until 2018, exactly the same year the game is going to be ported to the Nintendo Switch.

&ldquoWhile initially looking for release this season, there&rsquos lots of try to be achieved still so we&rsquore not really prepared to launch it in 2017. We&#8217ll release Super Duper the coming year,&rdquo the statement reads.

Initially released this year, Minecraft is becoming probably the most popular game titles ever, lauded because of its creative applications for adults and children alike. Countless copies from the game have offered previously six years, as well as in 2015&nbspMicrosoft purchased both Mojang and also the legal rights to Minecraft for any staggering $2.5 billion.

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