LG is searching in the rise of autonomous vehicle technologies being an chance to grow its electronics business, also it&rsquos now dealing with mapping provider HERE to construct a telematics product targeted at self-driving vehicle applications. The joint solution will put LG&rsquos telematics tech along with HERE&rsquos location services and-resolution maps to provide something automakers may use like a communications hub for semi-autonomous and fully autonomous vehicle platforms.

LG&rsquos no stranger to everything about telematics, including vehicle safety and entertainment choices, getting been a business leader since 2013. However it&rsquos searching toward advanced ADAS and then-generation autonomous vehicle tech and partnering with HERE, that was acquired captured with a carmaker consortium including Audi, BMW and Daimler, to transition within the direction the market is heading.

LG&rsquos offering will incorporate communications tech including Gps navigation, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile systems such as the forthcoming 5G standard to assist communicate data transmitted by other autonomous vehicles on the highway and knowledge systems to in-vehicle navigation and technology centers. Stacking fused sensor data, crowdsourced info and existing telematics information can make up an essential component of autonomous vehicle systems.

It&rsquos another illustration of the continuing pursuit of dance partners existing technology suppliers along with other auto industry participants are involved in as autonomy turns into a more essential driver of economic decisions within this space.

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