It could have appeared such as the Kardashians were jumping the shark in 2017, with all the pregnancy rumors, lawsuits, and misguided Pepsi ads&mdashbut apparently, Kim&#8216s new scent just made $ten million on its first day, therefore the joke is really upon us.

TMZ reports the launch of Kim&#8217s new perfume line, KKW Scent, includes a 300,000-bottle first run. Sales hit $a million inside an hour from the website going live Wednesday, also it&#8217s forecasted they’ll be completely offered on Thursday.

Actually, nobody has&nbspsmelled these perfumes yet, plus they&#8217re only accessible through her website&mdashso these sales are happening from pure belief and fandom.

As&nbspFashionista points out, Kim might be on the right track to reflect sister Kylie Jenner&#8216s beauty brand success. &#8220Jenner&#8217s birthday collection, which launched in August, introduced in $ten million in a single day, as the brand&#8217s holiday collection netted greater than $18.9 million within the same time period last November, getting the organization&#8217s total sales figures to $420 million in only 18 several weeks.&#8221

According to TMZ, once all 300,000 bottles are offered, Kardashian may have made $14 million. In 48 hrs. Dang.

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