Rejoice, Kaylor fans! It appears as though the most popular friendship is really as strong as always, based on Karlie Kloss. Taylor Quick and Karlie Kloss mysteriously went from absolute BFF goals to fully nonexistent in the past year. However, Karlie Kloss’ tweet about Taylor Swift’s birthday could make you a believer within their friendship again.

Kloss published a photograph of her and the “… Ready For It” singer via Twitter on 12 ,. 13 to celebrate Swifty’s birthday. The 2 blondes are posed very close together with what appears like a vehicle on the dreamy road using the sea in it. Most likely the Off-shore Coast Highway in California? Regrettably, background details aren’t given during this publish. Kloss and Quick both look fresh-faced and makeup free within the casual photo &mdash Kloss is even barefoot. Also, have Kloss and Quick always looked that much alike?

The caption from the photo simply states, “Happy happy birthday @taylorswift13!” Kloss also added a shooting star emoji in the finish of her well wishes.

Fans happen to be flooding Kloss’ picture with comments praising the truth that Kaylor is alive. This little token from Kloss gave fans everywhere hope that a few of the remains of Swift’s squad have remained in tact. Most significantly, the absolute explosive device girl duo, Kloss and Quick, continue to be succeeding.

After carrying out a little analysis, it appears as though this photo comes from a Vogue photoshoot that Swift and Kloss did together. Note Swift’s striped sweater and Kloss’ patterned dress much to the photo Kloss published 12 ,. 13.

Because the release of Swift’s album, fans happen to be theorizing a couple of tracks have to do with Kloss &mdash particularly “Dress” and “Getaway Vehicle.” Really, fans assumed “Getaway Vehicle” would be a mention of the that Vogue shoot above. The chorus to “Getaway Car” reads,

Fans are certainly celebrating this Kaylor reference.

The 2nd verse continues,

There is no reason why Karlie Kloss could not take part in Swift’s “great escape.”

Additionally to “Getaway Vehicle,” “Dress” is definitely one of the sexiest tracks on It paints a really strong picture of the relationship that Quick stored under wraps. The song begins,

To begin with, a “golden tattoo” could signify someone with blonde hair. It does not get much blonder than six-feet-tall Karlie Kloss. Second, Quick discusses finding yourself in a crowded room together. Rarely has Quick attended a celebration having a rumored boyfriend, but she and BFF Karlie Kloss happen to be to a lot of occasions together.

Plus, the birthday love only has given more concrete evidence towards the Kaylor shippers available.

Regardless of whether you are among the shippers or otherwise, you need to admit it is good to determine Quick obtaining a little social networking love from buddies. I really hope she’d an excellent birthday and we’ll find out if anymore squad people appear on Swift’s feed.

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