Jimmy Choo model, Cara Delevingne.
Image: Shaun Spicer/Getty Images

For whatever reason Jimmy Choo thought the finish of 2017 could be time for you to release an advert showing model Cara Delevingne getting catcalled while walking via a city with sparkly boots on.

It had not been.

Following serious online backlash, Jimmy Choo pulled the “Shimmer at nighttime” ad on Friday, deleting both YouTube video and tweet that demonstrated the recording.

The ad demonstrated Delevingne putting on a sequined red small dress and black booties that made an appearance to become covered in rhinestones. As she walks the sidewalks during the night she’s met with several whistles, lengthy stares, and nods &mdash you realize, classic aspects of catcalling that a lot of women cope with every day.

At some point, so that they can highlight precisely how great these Jimmy Choo boots are, a guy yells to her, “Nice footwear, lady.” Ugh.

Following a year full of women speaking out against sexual harassment and misconduct, the timing from the ad appeared especially terrible, and Twitter users were quick to convey their dismay.

The ad seems to possess been released in November. but lately resurfaced via Twitter re-promotion.

Image: screengrab/youtube

Though, it has been pulled in the brand’s official YouTube page it may be seen here.

Browse the room, Jimmy Choo. Read. The. Room.

Mashable arrived at to Jimmy Choo for comment.

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