It&rsquos simple to poker fun at the Brits. I ought to know, I&rsquom one myself! However, the entire &lsquobad teeth&rsquo factor that Americans appear to hang on to is a touch outdated right now, we’ve got that sorted some time back and quite regularly visit the dental professional now. Well most of us, anyway.

So why wouldn’t you possess a dig at the truth that we invented lots of sports, which we now suck at? Or even the brand-new super expensive aircraft carrier we got, without any aircraft and already sprung a leak? And just what about this guy, who represents us around the world as our Foreign Secretary? Their email list is virtually endless. Fortunately, just about everyone has a fairly deprecating feeling of humour and therefore are quite pleased to chuckle along too, so go ahead and, provide us with your very best shot.

Now, should you must, you can include general hysteria and losing-of-shit over some rainwater towards the list. Egged-on with a ridiculously sensationalist tabloid press, Brits happen to be portrayed as a lot of hopeless ninnies who’re not capable of functioning like a society when however a single snowflake falls in the sky. But yet, it&rsquos all true.

Naturally, individuals from countries like Canada, Europe, Norwegian and Russia, places where it will get like, really cold, are only able to check out with incredulous pity at us whiny Brits, and question what is all of the fuss is all about. Individuals guys have it soo much worse than us, but existence appears to take all right. What’s our problem? Well, the thing is old chap, we simply always appear to obtain the wrong type of snow. Just unlucky I suppose!

Scroll lower to determine the way the world roasted us, and quite appropriately and so i might add. Oh, and you can have a pop at us within the comments too. Take it!

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