(CNN)It opens having a white-colored man inside a “Make America Great Again” hat ticking off racist trope after racist trope:

How African Americans are lazy, pointless, shiftless. How there is a double standard with regards to while using N-word.
The scene comes from rapper Joyner Lucas’ music video for “I am Not Racist,” and there isn’t any doubt, it’s uncomfortable viewing. Profanities prevail misconceptions fly.
    But arrive at the second verse, and also the song requires a surprising turn — whenever a youthful man in dreadlocks will get his opportunity to respond, to rebut the generalizations, to recount being stopped through the police and rebuffed for jobs.
    There is a reason “I am Not Racist” is accumulating countless views online. It’s driving a discussion concerning the condition of race relations in the usa. A very, really, really raw conversation, and the way far apart blacks and whites have been in the way they see things within this country at this time.
    “If only we’re able to trade footwear or we’re able to make any difference
    Therefore we could understand one another more, but that’d take some time
    I am not racist, it’s like we livin’ within the same buildin’, but splittin’ the two sides
    I am not racist, there is however two sides to each story and you know mine.”

    ‘Uncomfortable conversation’

    You are able to view the video here, but be cautioned. It’s peppered with racial stereotypes and cuss words.
    Lucas is really a 29-year-old rapper from Massachusetts, and that he states the recording is really the race talk that individuals be put off by.
    “It is a really miserable conversation to possess,” he told CNN.
    He described that why is the recording so shocking is the fact that it isn’t a white-colored supremacist or perhaps a neo-Nazi saying these words, however a regular Joe.
    “It had been a typical white-colored man speaking his mind about how he really feels about black people,” Lucas stated, “also it was a typical black guy speaking about his interactions with white-colored people. They are covered up feelings that both sides have but they are afraid to convey.”

    Shocked at reaction

    The recording is really a effective concept powerfully performed.
    The 2 men, each of them lip syncing to Lucas’ words, sit across from one another in a table.
    First, the white-colored man unloads his frustrations and the thoughts about Black Lives Matter, the National football league anthem protests. You can even find potshots taken against 2Pac and Eminem.
    Then your black man reacts. He adopts on white-colored privilege, cultural appropriation, and attacks against former The President.
    Through the song, both men insist “I am not racist.”
    The recording for that song was filmed a week ago in Nh, and Lucas stated as they understood it might prosper, he was shocked a lot of people had viewed it so rapidly.
    And that he stated the majority of the response to the questionable video continues to be positive.
    “I am very shocked at the quantity of love that I am seeing. I am not since much hate,” he stated. “I am really seeing lots of comments like ”wow, irrrve never checked out stuff that way before. I’m able to understand in which the white-colored man is originating from. I’m able to understand in which the black man is originating from.'”
    Reactions like that’s the reason Lucas does what he is doing.
    “That’s just my method of altering the planet eventually at any given time,” he stated.

    An awareness

    The bleak video ends on the positive note. The 2 men hug it as Lucas rhymes:
    “I am not racist, there is however two sides to each story and you know mine
    Can’t erase the scars having a bandage
    I am wishing maybe we are able to arrived at an awareness
    Agreed or could not agree, we’re able to understand.”
    As well as in this divided climate, that might be a start.

    Find out more: http://www.cnn.com/2017/11/29/entertainment/joyner-lucas-not-racist-video-trnd/index.html