Samsung masterfully weathered the exploding Galaxy Note 7 disaster and launched itself back to the peak using the excellent Galaxy S8 and Note 8 smartphones, however it might have another battery-related problem to cope with.

Several users on Samsung’s own community forums and Android Central’s vocal forums have reported during the last couple of several weeks their Note 8 phones cease working and accepting electric power charge when the battery’s been drained lower to percent.

One user said his father had four Note 8 phones fail on him inside a 30 days period. Another user &nbspobserved exactly the same battery problem on his Universe S8 and on the other hand on his Note 8.

A number of these users have apparently received replacements (although refurbished ones, which TBH is standard practice as well as Apple will the same) after relaying the issue for their carrier or Samsung support.

While battery problems ought to always be given serious attention, the affected devices should happen to be defective or isolated incidences.

The fan blog SamMobile was the first one to curate these Note 8 battery occurrences and call focus on them. Mashable has arrived at to Samsung for comment, but the organization declined to comment during the time of publishing.

We did just a little digging of the, and it appears that this battery issue is not new or unique towards the Universe Note 8.

Though experts recommend not letting devices with lithium-ion batteries fully drain too often &mdash gradually alter keep your battery between 40 and 70 % before recharging it &mdash a number of these batteries are controlled and controlled by software.

Quite simply, the batteries aren’t charging up and also the phones seem to be “bricked” (dead) simply because they require a quick quick start as being a dead vehicle battery.

An Android Central user named “jhimmel” explains rid of it and offers an answer that may re-jigger your phone:&nbsp

“It’s known as Stack Charging. Some devices require a small quantity of current to operate the charging control. You receive a couple of seconds of charging prior to the charge control system takes over, so plugging in and unplugging about thirty seconds apart accumulates a good enough charge for that phone to consider over. I’ve carried this out before, more often than once, to bring back a apparently dead device. It sometimes required twenty minutes of plugging and unplugging – however it did work.”

A fast search on the internet reveals customers happen to be experiencing and enjoying the same battery-discharge-bricking trouble for years. Here’s one from 2013 from an individual who had the precise issue on his BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

If you are realizing exactly the same problem by yourself Note 8 (we have not seen it on the review unit), try stack charging it while using method outlined above. After which in the event that does not work, go track of Samsung.&nbsp

Battery problems will likely appear and you will find lemons which come from the set up line. You need to be glad the batteries aren’t catching fire and burning cars lower. It might continually be a lot worse.

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