Downtown Tokyo, japan saw its heaviest snowfall for a long time this Monday, causing travel chaos through the city. Cars were stranded and abandoned on roads, trains stopped running and individuals were left stuck in the airport terminal as 250 worldwide flights were cancelled.

&ldquoIt has not snowed in Tokyo, japan in 4 years,&rdquo Tokyo, japan resident&nbspYukimura, which coincidentally enough means ‘Snow Village’ in Japanese, told&nbspBored Panda. &ldquoFour years back we’d even heavier snow and the majority less prep. This time around everybody except me understood it had been coming, apparently. Would be a fun surprise for me personally though!&rdquo

How to proceed when confronted with this type of situation? Make snowmen obviously! Hold on, before you decide to grab a carrot, some pebbles and a few sticks for arms, remember, this really is Japan. Your three-ball standard fat guy snowman ain&rsquot gonna work here. Yukimura explains the storyline behind japan snowman. &ldquoThe reputation for snowman, Yuki Daruma, does not mean snowman, this means snow daruma,&rdquo she told us. &ldquoDaruma comes from the Daruma toy, which is dependant on Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk who, based on the tales, had his legs and arms disappear during meditation.&nbspThat’s why Japanese snowmen only have two layers.&rdquo

It seems japan attitude to snow sculptures is a lot more developed than we are utilized to in Europe and The United States. What else can you expect in the land that creates probably the most beautiful, creative and awesome artworks and innovations on the planet? Tokyo, japan is dotted with snow sculptures which will place a smile in your face, and set old carrot nose inside your backyard to shame. They’re being shared on Twitter through the trending hashtag&nbsp#雪だるま, and therefore are showing to become extremely popular!

Did Yukimura escape making a snowman herself?&nbsp&ldquoI did! I needed to cleanup a lot of snow outdoors of labor today, even though I had been awaiting a turn using the snow shovel I composed just a little one for that sign resulting in our coffee shop,&rdquo she told&nbspBored Panda.&nbsp&ldquoIt’s less cute because the rest though!&rdquo

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