Susan Bro, mom of Heather Heyer, spoke out from the president in her own first interview since her daughter&#8217s dying in August.

Bro was requested about President Donald Trump&#8216s culpability&nbspin her daughter&#8217s murder through the Daily Animal.&nbspBro stated that, &#8220I&rsquom beginning arrive at that conclusion while he certainly pushes forward a hateful agenda.&#8221

Heyer was wiped out while protesting a neo-Nazi and white-colored supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, this was organized underneath the auspices of supporting Confederate statues. On Saturday, August. 12, James Alex Fields Junior., a 20-year-old Nazi sympathizer from Ohio, drove his vehicle right into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing Heyer.

Following the rally, Trump was panned for his response, which many considered a tacit endorsement of white supremacy. In her own new interview, Bro states she doesn&#8217t wish to speak with Tump: &#8220He doesn&rsquot bother to consider before speaks, or very calculatedly is attempting to control many of us.&#8221

Now, Bro states she will&#8217t even disclose the place of her daughter&#8217s resting spot to close buddies, from fear this news can get out and-right activists will look for Heyer: &ldquoIt&rsquos an indicator of hate in society that you ought to need to safeguard your son or daughter&rsquos grave, for Pete&rsquos sake. So, I&rsquom protecting my child now.&rdquo

Ultimately, though, Bro holds Fields responsible&nbspfor her daughter&#8217s dying: &#8220Nobody made him do anything whatsoever. I understand he claims he felt threatened. The only real time everyone was attacking his vehicle was as he drove right into a crowd, and individuals were attacking his vehicle while he was driving over surface of them. He wasn’t under any attack until he drove in to the crowd.&#8221

An initial&nbsphearing for Fields, who had been billed with second-degree murder, has been held today in Charlottesville.

Read the Daily Animal&#8216s whole interview here.

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