Customers view Amazon . com Prime Now being an efficient method to rapidly obtain last-minute products, but video director Take advantage of Bliss sees the service as a strategy to a really serious problem.&nbsp

While travelling New You are able to City lately, Bliss spotted individuals who were destitute relaxing in the cold without socks or blankets.&nbspHe wondered if he can use Amazon . com&rsquos fastest delivery plan to rapidly get individuals the products they needed.

So Bliss began asking people in the pub if he could get them organized anything.&nbspCommon demands were for socks, footwear, sleeping-bags and toiletry kits. Bliss then used his phone to buy products and also have them delivered to the road address in which the individual sitting. He incorporated a note together with his order indicating that couriers should provide the packages towards the person sitting outdoors in the pub.

The program labored, and within two hrs, messengers showed up with packages full of the important products.

The recording has since been viewed more than 1 million times online, and today Bliss hopes others uses on-demand services like Amazon . com Prime How to help individuals in need of assistance.&nbsp

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