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It’s really no secret that people at Mashable are huge nerds. From arranging for contemporary tech and seeing the latest Star Wars movieon opening night to catching Pokémon to losing inside us the most popular comics, we indulge our nerdiness every day.&nbsp

There exists a feeling both you and your buddies share these habits, and that’s why we have put together a monster listing of presents to fulfill all the superfans inside your existence.&nbsp

Here’s our listing of presents for each type of geek.

For that The Exorcist geek

For that friend still attempting to process their feelings after watching The Final Jedi, The Exorcist gifts are may be the perfect therapy for those individuals feels.

Porg Electronic Plush

Porgs. ‘Nuff stated. This electronic and too-cute-to-handle electronic plush Porg will certainly make an impression on many a heart &mdash even when they are around the Negative Side.

BB-8 Sphero and Force Band

The Exclusive Edition BB-8 Sphero and Force Band is the best gift for children or adults &mdash because who wouldn’t wish to control a android and feel as effective as Rey?

Death Star Bluetooth Speaker

Gifting to some music-loving The Exorcist addict? This Death Star Bluetooth speaker projects seem in 360 levels for approximately five hrs although it apparently defies gravity by floating over the base. We all know it really works via super strong magnets, but we all can just pretend it is the Pressure.&nbsp

Star Wars Otterbox Cases

In case your Secret Santa received an iphone 4g this year (or maybe they simply possess a bad practice of shedding their phone), these five Star Wars Otterbox cases offer Jedi-worthy protection while discreetly displaying a real love for The Exorcist around the world.

R2-D2 Coffee Press

The most popular android is satisfied to assist humans awaken each morning. Mix coffee grounds and boiling water, allow him to rest, plunge, and voil&agrave: four glasses of hot java. Having a glass body and lately updated all-metal set up, the R2-D2 French Coffee Press is within first-class condition.

Self-stirring mug

Allow the Pressure perform the stirring with this particular self-stirring Darth Vader mug. Obtainable in silver with Darth Vader or green using the empire symbol &mdash the most effective Jedis require a morning pick-me-up.

Find our complete listing of The Exorcist kitchen products here, our complete listing of The Exorcist gift products here, and a lot of other super unique The Exorcist merchandise here.

For that Star Wars geek

Trekkies, rejoice. Star Wars is constantly on the stay relevant because of the recent discharge of Star Trek: Discoveryand this news that Quentin Tarantino will step into the director’s chair for the following movie. There is no better method to celebrate the Enterprise’s latest voyages with a few Star Wars presents.

Original Series Bluetooth Communicator

This Bluetooth communicator seriously appears like a precise replica from the one in the original series. The handset works together with any Bluetooth enabled phone, can be the wireless speaker, featuring 20 voice clips in the show.

The Next Generation Varsity Jackets

The Next Generation varsity hooded jackets are a great way to allow your geek colors fly and keep warm. Obtain a red Command hoodie, blue Science hoodie, or perhaps a gold Operations hoodie based on who which TNG Starfleet crew member you want best. The jackets possess a couple of different Starfleet patches stitched throughout and also the hood is removable.

USS Enterprise Coasters

Refreshments are essential for just about any viewing party. Set them lower on these fancy USS Enterprise NCC-1701 coasters. As some six, each coaster includes a different layer from the original Enterprise vessel from The Initial Series. When stacked on the top of one another, they’ve created a neat 3D picture of the whole ship.

Star Trek Pajama Pants

If you are getting a Discovery marathon, odds are you are streaming it home inside your jammies. Why don’t you make individuals pajamas Trekkie-approved by sliding in to these comfy, cotton pajama pants? Bonus: they’ve pockets.

For that Bet on Thrones geek

We hear you Khaleesi. Season 8 of Bet on Thrones is constantly on the elude us, but we are able to always fill the space with a few awesome GoT swag basically we wait.&nbsp

A Game of Thrones Catan

This game has players join the Night’s Watch because they build settlements over the North and defend the Seven Realms in the army from the dead within this An Audio Lesson of Ice and Fire form of Catan.

Glowing Drogon Figure&nbsp

The greatest and many badass of Dany&rsquos dragons now comes bite-sized and glows at nighttime. Initially a 2017 North Park Comic-Disadvantage exclusive, ThinkGeek has their very own supply so that you can take one home.

Stark Desk Lamp

The ferocious direwolf sigil of House Stark is found in a diamond ring of sunshine, passing on an ominous glow to help you using your own Night’s Watch &mdash or simply a visit to the bathroom.

Foam Oathkeeper&nbsp

This foam sword replicates Brienne&rsquos Valyrian steel sword, Oathkeeper. It&rsquos perfect for all your cosplay purposes or that Bet on Thrones-themed D&ampD campaign.

Jon Snow backpack

This awesome backpack is outfitted up like Jon Snow. It&rsquos decorated having a faux fur flap and a lot of pockets so that you can maintain stocks of supplies for the journeys beyond Westeros. The bottom from the flap even has got the Night&rsquos Watch oath etched in it.

For that Harry Potter geek

Still obsessive about Harry Potter? In the end this time around? Always. And when you are anything like us, you will want to indulge your passion for the boy who resided with a few awesome swag.

Hogwarts bedding

Stay warm with Hogwarts-themed comforters. You may also select a design out of your favorite Hogwarts house so that you can stick in keeping with your Pottermore results.

Firebolt Broom

The wizarding world’s most widely used broom is now able to yours throughout its existence-sized glory. It is a really awesome replica, but we wouldn’t suggest attempting to chase lower any golden snitches at this time.

Harry Potter Quidditch Table Lamp

Every single day is Quidditch season using these Harry Potter desk lamps. Ideal for a little bit of task lighting, all these desk lamps includes a Quidditch flag-inspired lampshade in the home of your liking.

Hedwig Mug

Getting a genuine pet owl may not be the best, however this Hedwig Owl Mug may be the next best factor, and will certainly make tea or coffee that rather more magical.&nbsp

Or possibly one of these simple Harry Potter color changing mugs would have the desired effect.

For that Zelda geek

If you like to invest your existence within the land of Hyrule, only then do we can put you in contact with a few sweet Zelda swag. Just make certain there’s enough room inside your inventory.

Triforce Light

With power, courage, and knowledge inside your heart, this Triforce light can shine brightly. This USB-powered light even displays the royal Wingcrest on adjacent walls.

Electronic Ocarina of Time

Have a ride around the Nintendo nostalgia hype train while jamming on your own Ocarina of your time. This ocarina is fully electronic featuring two modes. Classic Mode enables you to unlock hidden songs by playing a particular six-button tune while Free-Play Mode enables you to definitely play your personal tunes.&nbsp&nbsp

The Legend of Zelda Clue

It is a classic game coupled with a vintage game. This exclusive edition of Clue replaces a murder mystery having a mission to uncover which player has the ability to defeat the evil Ganondorf.&nbsp

Nintendo Zelda Pom Beanie

It’s cold available, which super soft Nintendo Zelda 8-Bit beanie is one thing your Zelda-obsessed friend will certainly get a lot of use from. Who could avoid individuals adorable Links?

Legend of Zelda Master Sword Letter Opener

Perfect like a functional and nerdy paperweight, this enables you to wield Link’s Master Sword to slice away at annoying envelopes. Most likely not so useful against Ganondorf, though. Conserve to 45% about this $20 nerdy letter opener.

For that Minecraft geek

Because the Lego from the gaming world, Minecraft persists like a time-honored classic that engages our creativeness. Why don’t you deck someone by helping cover their some Minecraft gifts to allow them to showcase their obsession?

Redstone Wall Torch

Redstone torches are integral to almost any Minecraft construct, so acquire this real life replica. You may either utilize it like a lamp or go along with you on scavenging adventures.

Transforming Sword and Pickaxe

If you are still attempting to craft more equipment, why don’t you get two in a single? This transforming weapon easily switches from the sword to some pickaxe having a simple slide for double the amount action.

Wither Spinner

Dealing with a horde of withers is not probably the most fun, but fidgeting together sure is. Take this wither fidget toy for spin to ease stress and monotony.

Grass Activity Block

If spinners aren’t really your factor, maybe a fidget cube is. This Minecraft-themed fidget cube has six different sides featuring six different gadgets that you should fiddle with. Both sides also offers different Minecraft elements into it just like a Pig you are able to slide along with a Creeper you are able to push.

For that Pok&eacutemon geek

We have been attempting to catch Them all because the ’90s, and due to the discharge of Pok&eacutemon Go, this franchise continues to be alive and well. Take a look at a few of the stuff you will get for the fellow trainers.

Poké Ball Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth loudspeakers are extremely popular, but if you wish to purchase the most effective (ha, have it?) for the Pok&eacutemon-obsessed friend, this Pok&eacute Ball Bluetooth Speaker is the answer. Stream music from the Bluetooth enabled device or answer telephone calls &mdash just don’t throw it and then try to catch something.

Bulbasaur Evolution Shirt

Knowing a Pokemon addict with a passion for dressing, this Bulbasaur Evolution button-up shirt is a fantastic way to allow them to showcase their obsession while still searching business casual for work.

Pokémon Deluxe Handbook

Have them a magazine they will not have the ability to put lower: The Pokemon Luxurious Essential Guide contains statistics, details, along with other important evolution and battling information on, watch for it, 700 Pok&eacutemon. It’s essentially the best training manual.

Poké Ball Heart Crossbody Bag

Not every Pok&eacute Balls need to carry Pok&eacutemon &mdash that one is perfect for your keys, wallet, phone, and perhaps a gaming console for constant use of Pok&eacutemon games. This adorable heart-formed Pok&eacute Ball bag is ideal for the geek inside your existence with a desire for fashion.

Pikachu coin bank

For any little animal that never really wants to stay in a Pok&eacuteball, this Pikachu sure loves remaining within this gold coin bank. This Pok&eacutemon form of an itazura bank includes a Pikachu that swipes coins, as well as talks because it takes them. It’s $40, but it can save you 25% onto it today.

For that nostalgic geek

Consoles and Computers certainly get it done for all of us, but nothing can compare to the nostalgia of expending hard-earned quarters in the arcade. Can remember the gaming of the childhood using these awesome retro gaming presents.

Mini arcade games

Travel back in its history whenever you snag these ’80s-style arcade games that suit in the users hand of the hands. Select from Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, and Space Invaders, filled with two buttons along with a retro joystick.&nbsp

Thinkgeek also offers another small arcade games, still filled with authentic sounds, that beloved joystick, and every one of the throwback vibes you can actually want. Select from Asteroids, Q’bert, Centipede, and Frogger.

Gamer Things T-Shirt

Combine a real love for vintage gaming wth current Netflix obsession Stranger Things. This shirt is likely to satisfy multiple amounts of geek.&nbsp

SupaBoy Portable SNES

If you have a buddy who can’t appear to stop their old Nintendo cartridges, just realize that a handheld, portable pocket SNES exists. By having an almost identical turn to the initial SNES console completely lower towards the buttons and colours, the SupaBoy &nbspis every nostalgic gamer’s dream &mdash so individuals old cartridges could be performed anywhere.&nbsp

For that Marvel Geek

It’s almost time for you to prepare for Infinity War, and there is lots of Marvel gear for everyone. Whether you are dedicated to Captain America patriotism and believe that Baby Groot is one of the most adorable factor you have ever seen, only then do we possess the goods for you personally.&nbsp

Classic Captain America Shield Backpack

Though not provided from vibranium, the shield design is difficult plastic and it is got lots of zippers and pockets for storage.

Spider-Man App-Enabled Superhero

This interactive, application-enabled statue reacts to tons voice instructions. You’ll most likely spend hrs looking at all his hidden features, and you will have a great time doing the work.

Black Widow Athletic Tank

Revealing your nerdy glory at the health club could be pretty empowering. Stick out within this Natasha Romanoff-approved sports tank.&nbsp

Marvel Groot USB Car Charger

Celebrate your preferred speaking tree with this particular USB vehicle charger formed just like a baby Groot. It offers two charging ports and can dance along to music.

Deadpool Sports Jacket

Who wouldn’t wish to be the merc having a mouth? This stylish sports jacket is waterproof and enables you to look killer, pun kind of intended.

Hela handbag

Recognition your newly found passion for Marvel’s goddess of dying with this particular handbag styled after her epic armor.