Around The Crown&mdashNetflix&rsquos crown jewel drama about the British royal family&mdashtakes liberties and leans toward propaganda, it will nail a number of its historic depictions. As well as for some fans, this had not been more apparent than when&nbspQueen Elizabeth II touched on one of the show’s plot points during her annual Christmas speech.

A lot of us only have known Queen Elizabeth II to conduct her annual Christmas speech via television, however it wasn&rsquot always this way. This season marked the 60th anniversary from the queen&rsquos first televised Christmas speech, that the queen at that time referred to as a &ldquolandmark.&rdquo

&ldquoSix decades on, the presenter has changed somewhat, as has got the technology she described,&rdquo Queen Elizabeth II stated. &ldquoBack then, who might have imagined that individuals would eventually be watching this on laptops and cell phones, as a number of you’re today.&rdquo

Some viewers watching all over the world recognized the clip that Queen Elizabeth II featured simply because they first viewed it reenacted by Claire Foy, who portrays a youthful Queen Elizabeth II on The Crown, within the season 2 episode &ldquoMarionettes.&rdquo

It also brought with a believing (yet others joking) the queen had referenced The Crown in their speech it&rsquos rumored that Queen Elizabeth II watches the show.

Could it have been a nod to The Crown? Most likely about over a historic event being portrayed on the prestige tv program could be, which would be to say very little. The Christmas speech&rsquos television debut in 1957 was monumental, so she was acknowledging the way the speech has changed in the last six decades.

Besides, Queen Elizabeth II replayed area of the 1957 speech to spread out her 2007 Christmas speech&mdashthe broadcast&rsquos 50th anniversary&mdashso the inclusion from the clip isn&#8217t exactly a brand new factor sparked by The Crown. Consider it more like a historic Easter time egg in&nbspThe Crown than the usual&nbspCrown Easter time egg in tangible existence.

If you wish to observe how The Crown episode stacks to the real factor, the queen&rsquos first televised Christmas speech, that was submitted online in front of its 50th anniversary in 2007, can be seen in the whole online.

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