If you feel you&rsquove already seen easily the funniest family Christmas card of year, reconsider. Each year since 2003, the Bergeron family members have been ringing within the holidays by producing probably the most clever and amusing handmade cards we&rsquove seen, just like the snow outdoors, they&rsquore showing no indications of stopping.

Mike Bergeron, his wife Laura, as well as their two kids known online as &lsquoGigi&rsquo and &lsquoJuju&rsquo make an annual tradition from the refreshingly original photoshoots, and every December, they select a new knee-slapping theme. Whether or not they use popular culture, local culture, or embarrassingly awkward family cards of yore, they always appear to accomplish it together. Special credit arrives, obviously, towards the JC Penney Portrait Studio, that has seen them completely from &lsquowhite trash Christmas&rsquo to some full drag ensemble.

Scroll lower to take each happy edition on your own, browse the tales in it in Mike Bergeron&rsquos own words, and inform us which of them sent you right into a fit of jolly laughter within the comments.

2003, Forty &amp Fighting It

Our first card! The initial concept was &ldquoPlugs &amp Juggs&rdquo, but we’d to select this photo due to the priceless facial expressions, while you can&rsquot see Laura&rsquos excessively-augmented rack. Thus, we refer to this as &ldquoForty &amp Fighting It&rdquo. The professional photographer attempted to maneuver the sunshine from overhead and I needed to ask her to shine it directly lower on me &ndash she didn&rsquot understand how to let me know it had become reflecting from my mind and making me seem like I had been balding. Finally, I simply informed her the balding look was things i was after. She was clueless that that people were outfitted in costumes!

2004, We&rsquore Dreaming about a White-colored Trash Holiday

After I visited the JC Penney Portrait Studio to choose-up our cards, these were snappy using the holiday hurry and also the manager (who had been even the cashier) was clearly stressed-out, answering phones, organizing photo sittings, delegating to her employees and systematically trying to exercise the road in the check out. After with patience awaiting about ten minutes, it had been my use be helped and she or he immediately entered sales mode, managing the transaction and regurgitating her customer support talk track inside a craze, multitasking all-the-while, actually, and unable to really produce her full attention.
Her &ndash &ldquoWelcome to JC Penney Portrait Studio, how do i assist you to today, mister?&rdquo
Me &ndash &ldquoI&rsquom here to choose-up my Christmas cards.&rdquo
Her &ndash &ldquoOkay, what’s your surname?&rdquo
Me &ndash &ldquoIt&rsquos Bergeron, however i have my receipt the following, in the event that helps.&rdquo
Her &ndash &ldquoOkay, thanks. Produce only a moment as i get the order. Mister, it seems they accidentally printed an 8&times10, that is usually $19.99, but we&rsquoll let it is for $5, because it was our mistake.&rdquo
Me &ndash &ldquoNo thanks.&rdquo
Her &ndash &ldquoOkay&hellipwell, I observe that your spouse is pregnant&hellipI hope you’ll be returning to JC Penney to consider your child pictures.&rdquo
Me (smiling in the realization that they doesn&rsquot obtain the joke) &ndash &ldquoActually, she&rsquos not necessarily pregnant&hellipand if she was, I wouldn&rsquot allow her to drink beer or light up&hellipand, as you can tell, I don&rsquot genuinely have a mullet. Its a tale card.&rdquo
In the middle of that which was utter chaos on her at that time, she just kind of looked at me in bewilderment because the cashier alongside her stopped what he was doing, leaned over to check out the credit card and stated in my experience with pure and utter excitement, &ldquoDude, that&rsquos awesome!&rdquo
Me &ndash &ldquoThanks. Merry Christmas!&rdquo
When I required my cards and walked away, the manager was there in absolute confusion, her brain apparently frozen using the realization that her sales training had unsuccessful to organize her with this situation.

2005, Your Aunt &amp Uncle Who reside in the Midwest

As being a Bergeron, I’ve always known which i would eventually lose my hair. We’re trained from birth to simply accept the truth that at some point our hair will drop out. At age 32, it had been apparent in my experience that my days were numbered and when I needed to poker fun at being bald, this would probably be my last chance prior to the joke would become reality. So, around the mid-day from the photo shoot, I’d Laura shave your hair from the surface of my mind&hellipand I&rsquove been bald since. The factor is, I needed to walk around having a bald mind for a few days as the holiday card was processing and shipping, however i didn&rsquot wish to give anybody any hints by what the credit card may be. So, when individuals would ask me why I all of a sudden shaved all the hair from my mind, I’d provide them with some made-up excuse like, &ldquoI became a member of a cult&rdquo or, &ldquoI&rsquom a racist&rdquo or, &ldquoChicks really appear to love that Vin Diesel guy, and so i thought I&rsquod try it out.&rdquo Incidentally, among the other excuses I’d give was, &ldquoI&rsquom an aggressive swimmer and that i desired to shave a while off my laps.&rdquo A couple of years later, I had been bartending and my pal Kristine arrived and among her female friends. We chatted a little and that i mixed them up some kind of special shots after which Kristine woke up to visit the rest room and her friend states in my experience, &ldquoSo, Kristine informs me you&rsquore a swimmer.&rdquo Now now you ask ,: The number of individuals are available who still believe I truly became a member of a cult?

2006, A Really Special Holiday

A few years before we began this tradition, my pal, Jeremy, labored throughout the holidays inside a photo studio.&nbsp If he believed that a household portrait was particularly funny, he’d print a duplicate for themself and use it display in the family room.&nbsp These were all awkward and beautiful in their own individual way, but there is one photo particularly which was so delightfully goofy and uncomfortable it has always tied to me.&nbsp This card is definitely an effort to recreate the special moment of this card.&nbsp I&rsquoll be the first one to admit that people fall terribly short, but It still seems to bring some pleasure to christmas!

2007, American Medieval Holiday

Overshadowed by debate,&nbspsome &ldquopurists&rdquo have accused us of cheating using this card because we&nbspPhotoshopped it. &nbspFor individuals who like it, thanks&hellipwe adore you, too. For individuals who feel we cheated&helliplook, we really outfitted-in costumes and required an image with this card (we even purchased a pitchfork!). However, because the original work ended with paint on canvas and didn’t seem like a genuine-existence photo, we felt it might be a better option to control our photo to appear such as the painting. Since neither Laura nor I are graphic artists, it had been very difficult and time-consuming, but we’re extremely pleased with the actual way it arrived on the scene. Anybody who thinks we required the easiest way on that one is just oblivious towards the effort it needed. Incidentally, it was Laura&rsquos departed grandmother&rsquos favorite in the in our cards. Oh, as well as for individuals individuals who’ve recommended the guy looks nothing beats me, just hold back until my relatives on my small father&rsquos side view this publish plus they all chime-within the way i look the same as my Grand daddy Bergeron. In a nutshell, suck it, haters!

2008, Merry Krishnas

We’ve got began just a little late this season, which resulted in whenever we visited JC Penney to consider our picture, there is a 1 hour wait. We walked with the mall and finished up eating dinner within the food court. I only wish that people had introduced flowers.

2009, Los Cholos

This really is the most popular. Some cards are clearly a tale, however when a card appears to be real because this one, it’s something. Again, about this particular year, we weren&rsquot capable of taking the image until after Thanksgiving, therefore the JC Penney photo studio was snappy so we needed to watch for an hour or so to go into. Understandably so, Laura was concern about travelling the Westminster Mall searching like we did, however i reassured her by saying, &ldquoSeriously? Take a look at us&hellipnobody will fuck around!&rdquo I had been right&hellipnot an individual would even eye contact is key around.

2010, Olin Mills Face from 1981

May your holiday table be considered a smorgasbord of cheese balls, fruitcakes, and hams!&nbsp In lots of ways, this card best represents what we should were attempting to achieve in the beginning. Our concept was inspired through the inherently awkward nature of holiday family photos that is now very popular in age the web. We would have liked to try and capture that clumsiness (inside a next stage kind of way) and provide everybody we all know the present of getting an interesting card on their own fridge that will capture the spirit of christmas. Once they had quickly for their house throughout the holidays, they might get pleasure from seeing their visitors&rsquo reactions upon viewing the credit card without realizing it had been a tale. On the side note, like a bald man that has known his entire existence he would develop to become bald, it absolutely was a longtime aspiration of mine to sport a combover sooner or later since they’re so fascinating within their ridiculousness! So, this specific card permitted me not only to fulfill an ongoing dream, but additionally to capture it throughout its glory for that ages.

2011, The Unibrows

I really like the concept with this picture, but personally, It could&rsquove been better performed. Don&rsquot misunderstand me, we glance funny &amp Gigi really provides the card an entire other dynamic together with her incredible cuteness, however i think this idea had the possibility to become our very best card ever, when we tried it right.

2012, Goth Holiday

Here’s your legacy, women&hellipembrace it!

2013, Jazz Hands

Sometimes you catch lightning inside a bottle :)&nbsp Take a look at Laura&hellipbringing it! Take a look at Gigi&hellipbringing it! Take a look at Juju&hellipwell, protesting (a minimum of she&rsquos consistent). I’m truly fortunate.

2014, The Holiday Season Is This type of Drag

I doubt if anybody in the JC Penney Portrait Studio even thought two times about Laura and also the women, however it would be a pretty busy year so we were awaiting about forty-five minutes for that professional photographer to be shown, so I know that my presence made many people uncomfortable within the studio&rsquos waiting area. I needed to search everywhere for footwear that will fit me (thanks Lane Bryant) and, obviously, I shaved my legs, so that you can imagine how excited I had been that people finished up selecting a go in the waist up. And, seriously, how friggin&rsquo cute are individuals boys? When we had given Gigi glasses, I believe she’d&rsquove looked a great deal like Ralphie!

2015, L’ensemble des Mod&egraveles (Also known as Fashionistas, Also known as Euro Trash)

His footwear &ndash $850, her footwear &ndash $950, expending holiday using the Bergerons &ndash priceless.

2016, Cussin Jerry nem

Just a little more than a year ago, Gigi began calling me &ldquoCousin Jerry.&rdquo It aroused the interest of her little sister and, before long, I began speaking for them when i imagined Cousin Jerry would. Since that time, he has turned into a regular customer within our household, therefore it appeared fitting to talk about him wonderful you this holidays. If y&rsquoall are lucky, you might get to determine &ldquoCreepy Ray&rdquo (another Gigi-inspired character) and the family inside a future card&hellipwe&rsquoll have to see. Side note&hellipand Personally i think like I only say this each year, but&helliplook at Gigi getting it!!!

2017,&nbspGingers in Paradise

We went inside a slightly different direction this season, which needed walking from the JCP Portrait Studio and taking advantage of a professional photographer (big because of Marco Montenegro) in the local beach. This our nod towards the ever-so-popular holiday card theme that states &ldquoLook at us taking in the sun’s rays&rsquos sun rays inside a beautiful tropical paradise when you&rsquore freezing your nuts off&hellipdon&rsquot you want you had been us?&rdquo

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