If President Donald Trump thinks the U.S. arsenal includes fictional fighter jets, who&#8217s to state he doesn&#8217t have confidence in all gaming weaponry?

Trump announced on Wednesday the U.S. had offered numerous &#8220F-52s&#8221 to Norway.

&ldquoIn November we began delivering the very first F-52s and F-35 fighter jets,&rdquo Trump stated, standing alongside Norwegian Pm Erna Solberg. &ldquoWe have as many as 52 plus they&rsquove delivered many of them already just a little in front of schedule.&rdquo

The only issue? The F-52 is really a imaginary plane that just exists within the Call of Duty gaming series.

Screengrab via IGN Walkthroughs/YouTube

The F-52 as seen hanging around &#8220Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare&#8221

Possibly obama only agreed to be confused by a lot of figures finding yourself in his prepared statement&mdashor maybe he just loves Cod?&nbspThe Washington Post, who first ran the content, received no response if this arrived at to White-colored House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders for comment.

To not be surpassed, they behind Fallout, the most popular publish-apocalyptic video game series, tweeted it might be pitching in by delivering Norwegian a number of its famous T-60 power armor.

That&#8217s pretty generous because it&#8217s the best armor hanging around (although thinking about the destination, they may have been best choosing the winterized T-51b).

Twitter was quick to applaud the move&mdashbut also had some questions.

Hopefully,&nbspthe makers from the Elder Scrolls series follows suit and send within the Mace of Molag Bal. It&#8217s the right tool to take lower all individuals annoying frost giants you encounter in Norwegian.

Screengrab via Camelworks/YouTube

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