Elton John is letting the sun’s rays go lower on his performing days in the end.

The bespectacled icon announced a 3-year farewell tour and the subsequent retirement throughout a press conference on Wednesday.&nbsp

&ldquoI&rsquom not really touring any longer,&rdquo he told moderator Physical Violence Worsens at New You are able to&rsquos Gotham Hall.

&ldquoI&rsquom not really touring and traveling the planet. My priorities have altered. I’ve youthful children… That doesn&rsquot mean I won&rsquot be creative,&rdquo the legendary singer stated.&nbsp&ldquoBut I won&rsquot travel anymore … I don&rsquot wish to day a whimper. I wish to day a bang … It&rsquoll function as the most created, fantastic show I&rsquove ever done.&rdquo

Dimitrios Kambouris via Getty Images

The 300-date tour, spanning during the period of a many years, is known as the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. John insists that this is the best farewell tour he’ll do.

&ldquoI&rsquom 71. I’m able to&rsquot physically perform the traveling any longer,&rdquo he stated.&nbsp&ldquoI wish to be in your own home. I actually want to spend more time with the kids in your own home. I&rsquove had an amazing existence, but existence is about change.&rdquo

Regardless of the need to stop touring following this stretch, John expressed curiosity about generating albums.

&ldquoI certainly need to make a few more albums, but that’ll be easy since i have can perform that in your own home. I wish to see buddies. I wish to to utilise the house with my photography collection. I&rsquom really searching toward this tour and that i&rsquom really searching toward the 300th date,&rdquo he stated.

He&rsquoll be answering more questions regarding the tour with an upcoming Facebook Live stream, that is set to happen sometime on Wednesday.

John&rsquos first massive hit, &ldquoYour Song,&rdquo was launched in 1970 alongside his self-entitled debut album, and that he hasn&rsquot really stopped since. He&rsquoll finish his Vegas residency in May red carpet many attempt the farewell tour in September. Tickets can be found on his website.

Meanwhile, the 5-time Grammy champion is slated to do in the 60th Annual Grammy Awards display on CBS next Sunday.

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