Elon Musk, co-founding father of Tesla and founding father of SpaceX, designed a surprise appearance around the Westworld panel at SXSW. After you have cued up by Jonathan Nolan, the co-creator of Cinemax series&nbspWestworld, Musk&nbspwalked on stage to individuals cheering and something person screaming,&nbsp&ldquoElon, we like you!&rdquo

Throughout his stage time, he spoke concerning the excitement of space travel, delivering a Tesla right into a space and just what a period it will be alive.&nbspMusk began his quick on-stage appearance with discussing how there are plenty of negative things on the planet.

&ldquoThere are lots of terrible things happening around the globe, all the time,&rdquo Musk stated. &ldquoThere are numerous problems that should get solved. Many things which are miserable and sort of enable you to get lower.&rdquo

&ldquoBut existence cannot you need to be about solving one miserable factor to another,&rdquo he added. &ldquoThat can&rsquot be the sole factor. They should be stuff that keep you going, which make you glad to awaken each morning and participate humanity. That&rsquos why we did this.&rdquo

Musk is talking about SpaceX&rsquos recent launch from the Falcon Heavy.&nbspYou know, the rocket that transported a red Tesla having a dummy within an astronaut suit.

The SpaceX Chief executive officer also gave a shoutout to Russian researcher&nbspKonstantin Tsiolkovsky, who spoken about how exactly earth may be the cradle of humanity but that you could&rsquot remain in the cradle forever.

Musk stated he felt really excited by Tsiolkovsky&rsquos ideas around requiring to become available one of the stars, and also to expand the scope and proportions of human awareness.

&ldquoI discovered that incredibly exciting,&rdquo Musk stated on stage. &ldquoThat makes me glad to become alive. I think you’ll feel exactly the same way.&rdquo

Nolan and Westworld series co-creator Pleasure Lisa had formerly labored with Musk to produce a short video from the Falcon Heavy&rsquos recent launch into space. You should check that here, thanks to Musk&rsquos Instagram.

Falcon Heavy and Starman, Part 1

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Falcon Heavy and Starman, Part 2

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